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Getting to the Bridge

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: October 28, 2019

Ready to ride the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge starting on November 16? Here’s all the info you need to get there from Richmond BART or the Bay Trail.

The bridge access path begins at the northwest corner of Tewksbury Ave and Castro Street in Point Richmond. If you’d like to access the trail by bus, you can use AC Transit line 72M and get off at Tewksbury:Castro, the end of the line.

To access the trail by bike, you can use a brand new network of protected bikeways the City of Richmond has installed in time for the grand opening in combination with the Richmond Greenway. Take the Richmond Greenway west to the end, then follow the signs. If you’re coming from the Bay Trail, use Harbour Way, Hoffman Blvd, and Cutting Blvd. Here’s the route:

Directions from Richmond BART

Exit West out of the BART station plaza (elevator or stairs) and south onto 16th Street (look for A-frame signs directing you west)

Enter the Richmond Greenway at the end of 16th. Turn right on the Richmond Greenway and start enjoying one of the East Bay’s finest urban greenways.

Left on 2nd Street at the end of the Richmond Greenway on a new quick-built two-way cycle track.

Right on the Ohio Ave cycle track.

Straight across Richmond Pkway onto the Garrard Blvd cycle track. 

Entering Point Richmond

Right on W Richmond Ave, then the second

Right onto Park Pl, which ends at a soft right onto Washington Ave.

Left onto Tewksbury Ave at the end of Washington Ave.

Cross Castro St. and enter the trailhead on your right.

Either coming or going, feel free to stop in Point Richmond for some rest, or to grab a bite to eat.

Looking to access the bridge from the North Bay? Check out the Marin County Bicycle Coalition routes.

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