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Better connections for people who walk, bike, and take transit in West Oakland have been released and we’re ready for it! West Grand Avenue is getting a makeover with a two-way path for walking and biking, connecting to the Bay Trail and East Span of the Bay Bridge. Plus a road diet and buffered bike lanes are coming during repaving season on West Grand Ave. between West Oakland and Downtown. And the most remarkable part: these quick-build upgrades are slated to come on the ground this year. 

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The project from West Grand Ave. to the Bay Bridge is a game-changer for people who want to connect to the Bay Trail, parks, and open space. No more dodging freeway off-ramp traffic on shared lanes along 7th Street. People will be able to ride a two-way bike path or take widened sidewalks on the south side of West Grand Avenue to connect to Maritime Ave. and the Bay Bridge path. Plus bus-only lanes will come on the ground with this project, making a huge difference in ride times when there’s traffic on the Bay Bridge. Traffic on the bridge can turn a quick bus ride into a trip that takes up to half an hour to travel only half a mile. Bus only lanes will save up to 20 minutes of travel time for bus riders. 

This quick-build project a huge win connecting West Oakland residents to the Bay Trail, Bay Bridge, and safer more accessible streets. Plus even more connections are coming along West Grand Ave. to Downtown this year during repaving season, and both sets of upgrades are previews of more permanent projects to come. Want to hear the latest on Oakland Bikeways? Sign up for updates today

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