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Frequently asked Questions

Curious about Bike East
Bay board elections?

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How ARE board candidates selected?

Bike East Bay calls for applications to the Board of Directors in the fall. Members of the Board Governance Committee review applications and interview each applicant. They recommend candidates to the full board at the December board meeting based on their skills and ability to contribute to ongoing board work, particularly fundraising, strategic planning, and equity. The Board of Directors approves candidates to go before members for a vote at the Member Meeting in February.

How many board members are there?

Bike East Bay bylaws stipulate there may be up to 17 board members.

How does voting work?

All current Bike East Bay members are eligible to vote for board candidates. Attend the Bike East Bay member meeting in February to meet the candidates and cast your vote. You may vote “yay,” “nay,” or abstain from voting. A quorum of 1% of the membership is needed to conduct the vote, and a majority vote passes.

How do I become a board member?

If you are interested in board service, please contact Co-Executive Director Jill Holloway. You can also submit an application at the link below.

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