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Donate to the Scraper Bike Team

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: June 5, 2016

The Scraper Bike Team rides together to show off positive outlets like bike repair, decoration, and healthy group activities.

As their mission statement puts it, the Scraper Bike Team “captures creativity of at-risk youth living within dangerous communities in East and West Oakland by giving kids a positive, bike-themed outlet that is fun, educational and promotes healthy living.” The Scraper Bike Team is a peer supported, close knit group of youth who cooperatively build and decorate bikes and conspicuously ride them throughout Oakland and beyond, encouraging one another to stay in school for the privilege of doing it all again, and again. By getting kids excited about bikes, and fostering team unity, the Scraper Bike Team gives kids a safe outlet and the support they need to make better choices in a community challenged with violence and stagnant economic opportunities.

The Scraper Bike Team has opened their first neighborhood bike repair facility called “The Shed”, operated out of a modified cargo container at the MLK Jr Library on International Blvd at 69th Ave. It is open to the public every Saturday, 1-3pm. Bike East Bay is proud to sponsor the Scraper Bike team, and you can make a donation to the team through our donations page. 

Donations help supply needed materials for the team’s creative application, and to fund educational leadership development opportunities. Donate Today.


The Scraper Bike Team dedicated their first neighborhood bike center, called “The Shed,” at the MLK Jr Branch Library, and it is open every Saturday 1:00-3:00pm for residents to come by and get help fixing their bikes, as well as decorating their bikes scraper bike style. At the grand opening on June 11, a huge crowd of supporters joined the Scraper Bike Team on a bike ride from the 81st Ave Library to the MLK Jr Branch Library, and then enjoyed music from Baybe Champ’s tricycle sound system, barbecue, popcorn, fresh fruit and drinks including bike-powered smoothies. Many neighborhood kids showed up and appreciated volunteer bike mechanics on hand to help.

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