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January 21, 2020

OakDOT has released its draft plan for transportation improvements to a proposed new ballpark for the A’s at the old Howard Terminal site in Jack London District, and the plan is a ground out to first. 

We want a fully protected network of lanes for people to get to and from the new ballpark safely and comfortably on bikes, scooters, and other mobility devices. Furthermore, the fully protected network of lanes should support everyday traveling in Downtown, West Oakland, and in Jack London District. 

Currently, many key bikeways are needed and omitted from the plan:

  • MLK Jr Way from Howard Terminal to 14th Street
  • 3rd Street from Oak Street to West Oakland BART
  • Broadway/Franklin Street: planned new protected bikeway north-south through Downtown
  • Estuary bicycle and pedestrian bridge connecting Alameda to Oakland and the new ballpark

Take Action:

Email Veronica Cummings at [email protected] in the Oakland City Administrator’s Office if you support safe and convenient bikeways in Oakland. Deadline of January 31 to get your comments in before an environmental analysis starts.

Bike East Bay and Walk Oakland Bike Oakland have been meeting with the Oakland A’s and many stakeholders to develop a plan with a connected comfortable bike network, and much agreement was reached on new bikeways, bike parking at the stadium, and transit improvements. Now, OakDOT has backtracked in this hard work of community engagement. Let OakDOT know you expect a better transportation solution. Email Veronica Cummings at [email protected] in the Oakland City Administrator’s Office today.

More on A’s Ballpark transportation plans

Comments that address the scope of the Draft EIR may also be directed in writing to: 

  • Peterson Vollmann, Planner IV
  • City of Oakland Bureau of Planning
  • 250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Suite 2214, Oakland, CA 94612, 
  • email: [email protected]
  • phone: (510) 238-6167

Current Proposal:

What We Want:

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