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Detroit Avenue Goes Green

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: February 5, 2016

Bike lanes have been striped on Detroit Ave since almost November. However, steady and impredictable rains have kept crews from adding the much needed (and much wanted!) green paint. Until today! We caught crews out applying green thermoplastic paint to sections of the bike lanes. 

Marc Webster, a mountain bicyclist, guides the application of green thermoplastic to Detroit Avenue. 

Marc Webster and Ernesto Gonzalez add more thermoplastic paint to the road marking machine. Thermoplastic paint, or hot melt road marking paint, is mainly composed of synthetic resin, glass beads, colored pigments, timber fillers, and other additives.

Families cross Detroit Avenue on improved crosswalks to get to Meadow Homes Elementary. Upon seeing a picture of the green markings in the Bike Concord facebook group, councilmember Edi Birsan asked “is this the right shade of green?” Our answer? Yes! 

Ernesto Gonzalez refills the Road Marking Machine with gooey green goodness. The thermoplastic takes just 4 minutes to set, said Gonzalez. A car can then drive over it without causing any damage. In addition, thermoplastic lasts much longer than paint. 

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