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Curb Protected Routes Sprout Across the East Bay

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: July 15, 2021

The debate last week in Oakland over whether the city should move forward with curb protected bike lanes on Telegraph Avenue is a debate that more and more East Bay cities have moved beyond. Currently, now including Telegraph Avenue, there are six curb protected bikeways under construction in the East Bay:

Yes, cities will continue to install paint and flex post protected bike lanes as part of repaving projects and quick-build improvements, but capital projects that significantly upgrade bikeways and build permanent safe facilities will include curbs. Why are curbs so important? Because drivers recognize curbs. Drivers park along the curb, they stop and drop off and pick up people at the curb, delivery trucks park at the curb (sometimes). All of this activity continues to happen on streets with curb protected bike lanes, just at the new curb, not the old one. 

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