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[Updated March 31, 2018. Check the county public works pages listed below for the latest closure information]

The record-setting rainy season in 2017 led to washed out roads and bridges around the East Bay, many along popular bike routes. Repairs are in progress but access may will remain restricted for some time. Read on for details, and let us know if you encounter a closure not listed here.


  • OPEN: Redwood​ Road has been reopened to all traffic again as of March 31, 2018 (info here).


  • Calaveras Road from Sunol and Milpitas is closed to all traffic due to storm damage, between Geary Road and Oakridge Road (info here). It is expected to be reopened for weekend-only use sometime in 2018, with a full reopening by September 30, 2018.
  • OPEN: Morgan Territory Road​ has been reopened to all traffic again as of December 2, 2017 (info here).
  • OPEN: Alhambra Valley Road between Castro Ranch and Bear Creek Roads has been reopened to all traffic again as of Friday, November 3, 2017.
  • OPEN: Palomares​ Road is open again as of September 22, 2017 (info here)
  • OPEN: Canyon Road in Moraga is reopened as of November 22, 2017 via the installation of a one-lane temporary replacement bridge, with a traffic signal allowing one direction through at a timeConstruction of a permanent, two-way bridge will proceed throughout 2018 (info here).
  • Arroyo del Valle Trail in Pleasanton is washed out between Harvest Circle and Main Street, and the Centennial Trail is closed between Val Vista Park and the Pleasanton Canal Trail (map of these and other Pleasanton trail closures here).
  • Comprehensive info about more trail closures at East Bay Regional Parks is available here.

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Resources for reporting landslides, potholes, and other hazards in every East Bay city and unincorporated area are available online at


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