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We have a vision for Telegraph Avenue: a safe, comfortable and continuous protected bikeway.

Telegraph is already a major bike route, and protected bikeways on Telegraph will invite and encourage even more people of all ages and backgrounds to visit local businesses, commute to work and school, visit friends, and enjoy all Oakland has to offer.

We are organizing to extend protected bike lanes and improve pedestrian safety north through Temescal, creating a continuous bikeway from Downtown to 57th Street.

Oakland City Council approved bike lanes all the way from downtown to 57th Street as part of the Telegraph Avenue Complete Streets Plan, and it’s our task now to make sure those bike lanes are what the community asked for–physically protected. For this, we need to rally voices of support and make sure we’re hearing any concerns from local businesses and neighborhoods along Telegraph. Want to hear the latest on this campaign? Sign up for updates.


Bike-Supportive Businesses on Telegraph Avenue

Bike-Supportive Businesses on Telegraph Avenue

Businesses we have identified as potentially/definitely supportive of bike lanes on Telegraph Avenue Oakland If the business is listed as “supportive” please patronize them and thank them for their support. If the business is listed as “potentially supportive” please patronize them and ask them...


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