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The Alexander Zuckermann Bicycle & Pedestrian Path opened to Yerba Buena Island on October 23 for a day and opens regularly on weekends starting November 5, 2016, and opens everyday starting March 1, 2017. This is a milestone achievement for bike advocacy. However, our work is only half done. West Span Pathway options are to be unveiled in January 2017.

Richmond San Rafael Bridge

In recent months, the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission Steve Heminger has made good on his promise, along with supportive Commissioners like Amy Worth of Orinda, to open the Richmond San Rafael Bridge for bicycling. We have been part of discussions, along with our fellow advocates at the Marin County Bicycle Coalition, CalBike, Bay Trail and Trails for Richmond Action Committee (TRAC).

With the path will come a new protected path on the north shoulder of the freeway providing safe access to Point Molate, as well as the bridge, from Richmond. Completion of this path along with the approach from Richmond is currently estimated for 2018. 

The Bay Bridge

The Bay Bridge is one of the most well known symbols of the East Bay. And now, you can bike on it. Named after Bike East Bay’s founder, Alexander Zuckermann, the Bay Bridge bike path is a beautiful ride. 

Since it’s been built, thousands of people have enjoyed walking and bicycling on the popular bike path extending from West Oakland. Bike East Bay has worked with Caltrans, Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), and the San Francisco County Transportation Authority to ensure timely completion of the bike path to Yerba Buena Island and safety improvements on the island. We also are working with these agencies on designs for the Bay Bridge West Span Pathway, as well as building a connection from West Oakland residential neighborhoods to the new East Span bike path. 


Complete the Bay Bridge People Path

Complete the Bay Bridge People Path

After decades of advocacy, the Bay Bridge People Path opened today for seven-days-a-week access to Yerba Buena Island. Now we need your help to complete the path all the way to San Francisco. Lawmakers in Sacramento are discussing whether to fund the West Span Pathway as we speak. You can...

Alameda County Funds 14 New Protected Bike Lanes

The Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) is recommending a 3-fold increase in funding for bike projects—over $100 million in the next 3 years. New bike projects include 14 protected bike lanes, 5 new bike paths, 3 bike-ped bridges and numerous roadway improvement projects...
Caltrans Listened: Bay Bridge Bike Path Will Open Weekdays

Caltrans Listened: Bay Bridge Bike Path Will Open Weekdays

Bike East Bay counts on your support to win big victories for peole who bike. Join as a member or renew today to extend the Bay Bridge bike path all the way to San Francisco. ...
Latest News on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Bike Path

Latest News on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Bike Path

Bike East Bay has been working for access on this bridge since 1977 - just four years after we were founded.  On February 11 2016, the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) Oversight Committee unanimously approved a four year trial of a 10 foot bicycle pedestrian path on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge...
Bay Bridge Bike Path Opens to Yerba Buena Island

Bay Bridge Bike Path Opens to Yerba Buena Island

You and thousands like you made this happen. Join/renew Bike East Bay as a member to help us finish this path to San Francisco. [Update April 28, 2017]:...


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