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Our Bikes on BART campaign and victory has earned us a spot at the big bike table! But we need your vote to win big – help the underdog make it to the finale.


Bike access on BART was our founding campaign, and we have worked tirelessly to acheive a lifting of the ban of bikes on BART. Last fall the BART Board of Directors finally voted unanimously to allow bikes on board at all times. We could not be more proud of this success and this nomination is a unique opportunity for our work and efforts to be recognized at the national level. Let’s show our neighbors and fellow advocates that the East Bay BIKES!  

Vote today – we only have until Thursday, February 6th! 


It’s a short race and we need your support. Also important to note that none of this would have been possible without the valuable help and support from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and Bikes on Board.

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