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Since 1972, Bike East Bay (formerly the East Bay Bicycle Coalition) has been governed by a volunteer board of passionate bicycling advocates. Board members are elected by Bike East Bay members at our annual member meeting.

Interested in joining the board? Read our FAQ.

Meet Your Board of Directors


Board Chair, Chris Cassidy, Oakland

Chris Cassidy is a social justice advocate and communicator. He offers over 15 years of experience with nonprofits and progressive campaigns. Cassidy lives in East Oakland and freelances with social justice and environmental organizations. He previously worked at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, where he helped dramatically expand communications capacity, won miles of high-quality bike lanes, and advanced equity initiatives. Cassidy graduated from Western Washington University and UC Hastings College of the Law. Along with his family, he lives car free, enjoying transit, walking, and biking as much as possible. 

Vice Chair, Enjoleah Daye, Oakland

I am a British-Caribbean immigrant from Bristol, UK, committed to dismantling systemic racism through bicycle advocacy, urban planning and policy change. I have spent over a decade as a transportation planner and active transportation advocate. After living in New York for several years, my career took me to other bicycle-friendly cities in Washington DC, Seattle, Portland, and now Oakland. I concurrently serve on the Caltrans District 4 Bicycle Advisory Committee and Transport Oakland Board. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I saw lack of engagement in Black Girls Do Bike: Bay Area Chapter and became Chapter Leader to re-energise the space with more advocacy promoting more visibility of Black women cyclists, who often exist in predominantly white spaces, and safer bicycle infrastructure. In my free time, I enjoy bike tinkering, writing poetry, and longboarding or biking the magical streets of the East Bay in search of a proper English stout and transit friendly neighbourhoods.

Secretary, Eric Monek Anderson, Oakland

For Eric Monek Anderson, cycling is about fun and the freedom to get around independently. He recognizes, however, that there are many impediments to ensuring that all communities and people in the East Bay have the same freedom to get around safely and on their terms. He admires Bike East Bay for its commitment to racial and social equity in cycling and transportation, and its ability to have fun. Eric lives in North Oakland with his wife Caitlin and is a lawyer with Farella, Braun + Martel, a San Francisco-based firm specializing in business law. He first got into cycling through (almost) all-season bike commuting in Chicago, and loves riding around the roads and trails of the East Bay.

Treasurer, Marc Hedlund

I’ve admired Bike East Bay’s work and the efforts of staff members for years, and would like to be supportive of the organization however I can be. I’ve served on two previous non-profit boards, for Code 2040 and GirlDevelopIt, and am Board chair for Code 2040. I’ve also started three for-profit businesses and served on the boards of six for-profit companies. I started riding as a bike messenger in Los Angeles during my junior high and high school years, and now bike as my primary mode of transportation for myself and our family. More recently, I’ve helped start a Bike Bus for our kids’ school. I’m a strong advocate for all-ages and abilities routes that allow people the ability to get around town without fearing for their lives. While the East Bay has so many great aspects for cyclists, it could be so much better, and we should work to make it so!


Alejandro Ramirez JassoHayward

I grew up with a huge bike influence from my dad, who has biked to work ever since my memory recalls. One of my earliest memories with a bike was when my dad would take my 2 sisters and me to school on a regular hardtail mountain bike. We would even stop for a hot drink on the way to school and I would hold it while we rode on my dad’s bike. 

I’m passionate about building welcoming communities that help people find a place where they feel like they belong. My first experience doing this was during my role as an officer for the Merritt College Cybersecurity Club. The club became an important part of the program and it helped keep students engaged by providing a safe space where they could get support from other students and feel part of the community. I also learned a lot from that experience and it helped me cope with my introversion and become an active advocate for the program. 

Since I recently moved to Hayward from Alameda, I realized I had taken the bike infrastructure in Alameda for granted. So that’s why I wanted to get involved in Bike Hayward and Bike East Bay. 

I’m also tech savvy, so that’s one of the main skills I like to bring to the table. I recently joined Bike Hayward and realized there were many email threads going on, so I started a Discord server (similar to Slack) to keep information easily accessible by everyone and making it easier to share updates on the latest bike-related news around Hayward.

Amanda LeahyBerkeley

As a transportation planner and someone who prefers traveling on foot or by bike, I understand the needs of these most vulnerable users. My areas of expertise include multimodal traffic operations and safety analysis, bicycle and pedestrian planning and design, and complete streets policy and implementation. I am committed to creating a safe and comfortable public realm for people of all ages and abilities. I am passionate about strengthening connections between people and place through sound planning and analysis; creative, context-sensitive design and engineering; and effective stakeholder and community engagement. I am a certified planner (AICP), an Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) board member, and an active member of APA and WTS. Additionally, I have been a Bike East Bay member for over ten years, actively participated in and volunteered at many events, joined group bike rides, supported initiatives at council meetings, and regularly read the Ride On newsletter.

As APBP vice president of the board, policy committee chair, and member of the finance committee, I bring relevant organization and board experience. Combined with my professional experience and passion for biking, I believe I am an excellent candidate for the Bike East Bay board. 

Anne Schonfield, Berkeley

My name is Anne Schonfield, I’ve lived in Berkeley since 1990 and am an active bike commuter and road cyclist. If I’m not on my bike everyday, I’ve done something wrong that day! I’ve served on the Berkeley YMCA Board of Managers for the past 6-7 years (I love the Y!) and also served on the Board of the Berkeley High School Development Group. I have a small consulting firm (Schonfield Consulting) that works with many foundations and non profits on fundraising, strategic planning, evaluation and other organizational services. I’ve heard great things about Bike East Bay and am honored to serve on the Board. 


Jenny Montoya TanseyOakland

My name is Jenny Montoya Tansey, and I’ve biked the streets of Washington, D.C. and Oakland as my primary form of transportation since 2010. I live car-free between Fruitvale and Dimond in East Oakland with my son, who is a first grader at Manzanita SEED, and my husband Chris Cassidy, who is entering his second year as a member of the Bike East Bay board of directors. Prior to 2010, I actually thought biking wasn’t for me - it was for daredevil white dudes who walk around with one pant leg rolled up all the time. More than a decade after I took that first ride as an adult, I understand more about how that sense of exclusion is shaped by inequitable transportation and land use policies, and by who is engaged to participate in those decisions. I want many, many more people from all walks of life to feel that biking is for them.

I am deeply committed to the mission of Bike East Bay and to supporting the staff who strive to fulfill that mission.

Michael SanteroOakland

I have been a member of Bike East Bay for several years and am very excited to serve on the Board of Directors.  I can often be seen biking around town on either a purple Trek with a bright yellow basket and flashy lights, or a Ford GoBike.  My commute often involves biking to Jack London Square and riding Amtrak to San Jose.

I am currently the Director of Asset Management for First Community Housing (FCH), which provides housing for over 1,400 low income households in the South Bay.    For over a decade, FCH has been a leader in promoting alternate transportation in its communities.  FCH is the largest purchaser of Residential EcoPasses, which allows its tenants to ride public transportation for free.  FCH has hosted bicycle clinics and bike mechanic classes, sponsored community rides, hosted bike give-aways, built bicycling infrastructure, and promoted bike share in its communities.

I have previously served on the board of Community Housing Partnership, which has a mission of Ending Homelessness through Permanent Supportive Housing. I have always believed that by building infrastructure and providing services for our most vulnerable populations, we end up improving the quality of life for everyone. I joined the Board in 2018.

Steven Dunbar, Livermore

I’m a committed transportation advocate motivated primarily by climate change. I’ve been inspired by Bike East Bay since I moved to the Bay in 2016 after graduating from Davis. Professionally, I am an electrical system engineer in Livermore, working on electric public transit buses. Privately, I organize with TriValley Citizen’s Climate Lobby, East Bay for Everyone, and of course Bike East Bay and affiliated subgroups Bike Walk Eden, Bike Walk Livermore, Bike Pleasanton, and Bike Dublin. 

I bring my slowly acquired knowledge of bikeway design, my passion for imagining the possibilities on streets, and my ability to explain at a council meeting the how and why of a design. Along with those skills comes a commitment to safety, equity, and sustainability, by speaking up for the real trade offs of transportation design. My skills are primarily in planning and design, but I am eager to learn the organizational leadership aspects of Bike East Bay, because we aren’t advocating for an exercise in planning, we are realizing a vision for the future. 

Tim Beloney, Alameda

I am a strong social justice advocate, particularly with regard to economic and race related issues. I was a founding member and Board Chair of the Alameda Multi-Cultural Community Center, on the Board of BVUMC Foundation, worked closely with Alameda Point Collaborative in their Youth Training program involving the bike shop, garden, and Youth In Action (a program I created). For the past few years at Levi’s Gran Fondo I created Team DACA (Dudes Against Cycling Apathetically) where we raised funds for the ride, which benefitted under served youth in the area. As a cyclist, bike commuter, and parent, I am also very concerned about bike safety in the East Bay, particularly in under served areas. 

Bike East Bay By-Laws

Here are the rules by which Bike East Bay governs itself in order to make bicycling safe, convenient and accessible to all residents of Alameda and Contra Costa County:

Download a pdf file of Bike East Bay Bylaws

Bike East Bay Annual Reports

Here are our most recent annual reports on our wide range of bicycling advocacy activities. We’re proud of what we do!

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Bike East Bay 990 Forms

Nonprofits are required by the IRS to file and make public annual 990 forms. These provide information an organization’s mission, programs, and finances. Our legal name is East Bay Bicycle Coalition, doing business as Bike East Bay. Here are our 990 filings from previous years:

East Bay Bicycle Coalition 990 Form: 2021

East Bay Bicycle Coalition 990 Form: 2020

East Bay Bicycle Coalition 990 Form: 2019

East Bay Bicycle Coalition 990 Form: 2018

East Bay Bicycle Coalition 990 Form: 2017

East Bay Bicycle Coalition 990 Form: 2016

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