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Bike-Ped Bridges Abound in Contra Costa County

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: February 12, 2021

With funding secured, two new major bike ped bridges will be constructed over the next several years in Contra Costa County. Bike East Bay has long fought for the a new bike ped bridge along the Mokelumne Trail to reconnect Antioch and Brentwood along the Lone Tree Way corridor. Construction starts this summer. We have also supported San Ramon’s highest priority capital project: a new bike ped bridge on the Iron Horse Trail over Bollinger Canyon Road. This bridge moves into design.

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Mokelumne Trail Bridge

Mokelumne Trail Bridge is part of the Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail, and is located just south of Lone Tree Way where SR 4 Bypass intersects the Trail. The bridge will cost $12 million and its functional design is complete. With funding secured, construction will start this summer and complete in summer 2022. When the SR bypass freeway opened over a decade ago, it severed an existing path along the same alignment. Bike East Bay pushed the Contra Costa Transportation Authority to finally prioritize completion of this bikeway gap closure. A special shout out to Bruce “Ole” Ohlson for his endless hard work to make sure this project stayed on everybody’s radar. The Contra Costa Transportation Authority is the lead agency for the project and we appreciate their leadership.

Bollinger Canyon Road Bridge

Bollinger Canyon Road Bridge: cost is $20 million and all funding is secured. San Ramon is starting a “design-build” process with its consultants on a signature over Bollinger Canyon Road. The design-build process is somewhat unique, in that it brings in contractor expertise early in the design to help keep costs down and avoid project delays. The signature design will complement San Ramon’s new City Hall complex and downtown development. Design should be finalized by 2022 and construction complete by 2024. The City of San Ramon is the lead agency for the project. This bridge will become the third bike-ped bridge spanning major arterial streets along the Iron Horse Trail (after the Ygnacio Valley Road Bridge and the Treat Blvd. Bridge), and will be followed by Dublin’s bike ped bridge over Dublin Blvd. to the south. More on this fourth bike bridge coming soon. 

Bike East Bay members move forward visionary projects. Not a member yet? Join today.

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