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Bike Parking Wishlist for Concord

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: October 19, 2015

The city of Concord has an inventory map of all official bike parking spaces. There are 16 locations total throughout the city – those are represented in green on the map below. 

We believe many more need to be installed before bicycling can become a normal part of life in Concord. As we build better streets, bicyclists need to feel invited to park their bikes at businesses, public spaces, schools, and homes. 

In order to show the city that there is a strong need for exponentially more bike racks to be deployed, we have started the map below. The hope is for this map to be a place for residents and visiting bicyclists to crowdsource all the locations in Concord that are currently lacking apporpriate bike parking. 

Adding a location? Please add it to the “Future Bike Parking Locations” layer. Add any pertinent info in the description. 

View the full map at

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