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Projects Awarded and to be Implemented in the next Two Years: 2011-2012

Projects Awarded and to be Implemented in the next Two Years: 2011-2012

Downtown Berkeley BART Plaza Improvements:
$1.8 million
Downtown Berkeley BART Plaza Improvements:
$1.8 million
Improvements include a new, larger bus transit shelter with improved lighting and seating; reconfigured bike parking to improve accessibility and security; improved sightlines for better security; improved access to the BART elevator; ADA curb ramps; programming (cafe uses, kiosk, chess tables or other activities) on the plaza area to make it more welcoming to all users; and public art to enhance the area’s attractiveness and prominence.
MacArthur BART Plaza Renovation:
A brand new bike parking cage and renovation of the entry plaza to the MacArthur BART Station at 40th St. Plans includes spaces for up to 200 bikes, with better lighting, cameras and security features.
Fremont Walnut Ave Streetscape:
$1.6 million
The project is located on Walnut Ave in the City’s Central Business District/Midtown District. The Project will construct an inviting streetscape to encourage pedestrian and bicycling activity, improve connections to nearby transit, and serve as catalyst for TOD development in the area.
Livermore Iron Horse Trail Connections to ACE station:
$1.566 million
This Project will connect the Downtown Livermore ACE station, Transit Center, and Livermore’s downtown parking garage to the retail and commercial uses in the heart of Downtown, through a pedestrian bridge that spans over Livermore Avenue and will run adjacent to the UPRR bridge. The trail will consist of 10′  asphalt concrete, and 2′ of graded/gravel shoulders.  
Livermore Downtown Street Lights:
The Livermore Downtown Street Light Retrofit Project will replace
existing decorative High Pressure Sodium street lights with energy
efficient decorative street lights.  Additionally, several new
decorative street lights are planned to be installed to improve lighting
in areas of Downtown that are poorly lit.
Oakland Foothill Blvd Streetscape:
$2.2 million
In Fruitvale District, on Foothill Blvd from Austin St continuing to High St: Streetscape improvements including traffic calming, pedestrian amenities and landscaping.
Oakland MacArthur Blvd Streetscape:
$1.7 million
Along MacArthur Blvd from 73rd Ave to 76th Ave; 89th Ave to 90th Ave; and 106th Ave to Durant Ave: Streetscape improvements including pedestrian amenities, traffic calming and improved transit stops.
San Leandro BART Streetscape:
$4.61 million
Improvements include wider sidewalks, bike lanes on San Leandro Blvd, enhanced crosswalks with pedestrian refuge areas, better signage, lighting, landscaping and street furniture.
Buchanan Bicycle & Pedestrian Path
$1.7 million
Construct a multiuse pathway on the south side of Buchanan St from the intersection of San Pablo Ave to the Buchanan Bridge Overcrossing of the train tracks.
Oakland Bike Lanes
Broadway–38th St to Broadway Terrace;
East 12 St–14th to Fruitvale Ave; and
Lakeshore Ave sharrows from Mandana to 580
Foothill Rd at 580 Interchange
Bike Lane Gap Closure in Pleasanton
A new traffic signal will be added to the eastbound ramps, and the project will include bike lanes on Foothill Blvd from the Dublin city line to Dublin Canyon Road, in both directions, with the southbound bike lane continuing to Muirwood Dr.
Union City Blvd Bike Lanes
New bike lanes on Union City Blvd from Smith St to the point 600’ south of Alvarado Blvd. (this is phase 1 of the bike lane project on Union City Blvd)
Central Ave & Liberty St 
Streetscape Improvements-El Cerrito
New sidewalks, high-visibility crosswalks, sharrows on Central Ave, speed tables, and other amenities.
Rebuilt Willow Avenue
in Hercules

Willow Avenue will be completely rebuilt between the SR 24 freeway ramps and new intersection on SR 24 just east of Palm Avenue. Project will be an urban boulevard with pedestrian and bicycle improvements and new bus shelters part of a planned transit village.
Mt. Diablo Blvd Streetscape Improvements-Lafayette
$1.29 million
Mt. Diablo Blvd in downtown Lafayette from Oak Hill Rd. to Mt. View Dr. will get wider sidewalks, high-visibility pedestrian crosswalks, curb ramps, bike racks, sharrows, new bus shelters, lighting and seating.
Nevin Avenue Streetscape Improvements
$1.217 million
Reconstruction of the east entrance to the Richmond BART Station, pedestrian and bicycle improvements for Nevin Ave, between the station and Richmond Civic Center.
Pittsburg: N.Parkside Drive & Willow Pass Rd
New bike lanes on North Parkside Drive and Willow Pass Road, as well as new sidewalks.
Barret Avenue Bike Lanes-Richmond New bike lanes and sharrows on Barrett Ave, from Garrard Blvd to San Pablo Ave. This is a regional bike route.
Monument Corridor Pathway Connector
A new pathway will be constructed between Mayette Ave/May Court to Meadow Lane. This will be an alternate route for cyclists, who otherwise would travel along busy Monument Blvd. Additional phases will include a pathway connector from Monument Blvd to Mayette Ave, south of this project.

For more information on these projects, please contact our Program Director Dave Campbell

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