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Berkeley readies next set of protected bikeways, in Southside Area

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: February 15, 2022

On February 22, Berkeley City Council will be asked to approve a massive set of safety improvements on four streets in the southside area next to UC Berkeley. It’s an $8+ million set of Improvements that include separated and protected bikeways on Bancroft Way (Option 1), from Milvia Street to Piedmont, on Fulton Street from Oxford to Dwight (Option 1), on Dana Street from Bancroft Way to Dwight (Permanent Option) and on Telegraph Avenue (raised street option).We support all of staff’s recommendations and ask you to contact your Berkeley City Councilmember to vote YES.

Bike East Bay is in agreement with our local partner Walk Bike Berkeley on bike safety improvements, and are working with East Bay Transit Riders Union, AC Transit and a new group—Telegraph for People, on how the four narrow blocks of Telegraph will function once the project is built. 

For Telegraph Avenue, Council is being asked to approve a raised, sidewalk-level street, but not how Telegraph Avenue will be striped and operated. This will get worked out between approval and construction in 2023-2024. It’s a design challenge to find a change that pedestrianizes Telegraph, which so many people have voiced support for, accommodates AC transit bus service, and supports businesses loading and pickup needs.

Email your Berkeley City Councilmember today.

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