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“My name is Mike Ansell and I live in Livermore. I ride the BART regularly to San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley. I teach Chemistry and Environmental Studies at Las Positas College in Livermore. I’m married with two little girls. I take the BART into Oakland and SF from time to time for BPAC meetings, baseball games, museums, etc.

Lifting the ban on bikes during rush hour would allow me to ride BART more often, since I can ride my bike instead of driving from the BART stations. I love biking and I hope that you will support bike riders in this way. I encourage you to vote to lift the Rush-Hour Bike Blackout to help allow more people to bring their bike on BART and improve regional connections. After the two successful pilot programs, we’ve seen clearly that bikes on BART during rush hour has no negative impact on the operations of BART — but has a huge impact on my ability to travel throughout the Bay Area.”

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