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“I am a policy analyst within the Academic Senate Office at UCSF. I was born and raised in Fremont, I have been active in the East Bay community starting in High School when I became a student board member at Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center (TVHC) in Hayward and Union City. TVHC is a community health center focused on providing quality health care to under served and uninsured populations. Upon joining the health center, I found that I really enjoyed the work and remained as a board member for seven years. Upon returning to California after graduate school, I sought to ways to improve education by mentoring students and found an opportunity at Cal State East Bay where I helped low income and underrepresented minorities learn how to perform research and prepare for graduate school.”

“Being active in the East Bay community for so many years, I have used BART as an affordable and convenient mode of transportation to reach my destinations for commute or volunteer work. Using stations in Fremont, Union City, Hayward, Oakland and San Francisco. I have discovered how important it is to have all available options of transportation available at the BART station (biking, bus, taxi and parking). I have also discovered how restrictive the ban can be when trying to get around on the East Bay and to San Francisco. I have seen SF bound and outbound trains with plenty of available space to bring a bike on board. I think we should have the opportunity to reasonably determine whether or not it is appropriate to bring a bike on the train. I think that not allowing bikes on the first three cars is a good idea to allow passengers to self-select. It can help get us around to our destinations easier.”

“My hobbies include biking, playing music and following baseball. Biking has become my main way of exercising and exploring my local community. In the future, I hope to travel the U.S by bike and then the world. For years, I practiced the bass guitar and later the guitar. I love laying down and beat with a good drummer. I haven’t played in awhile, but I will do so once again. Finally, with baseball, I enjoy the history of the sport, watching with friends and following statistics.”

Artemio is joining EBBC to meet with BART Director Tom Blalock before the Thursday BART Board Mtg.

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