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All Aboard in Richmond

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: January 8, 2019

(Photo courtesy of @SFBayFerry)

A new bike-transit option opens January 10, 2019 to get you to and from Richmond and San Francisco – with a view. The six round trip ferries will start at Harbor Way South, next to Craneway Pavillion, and arrive at the Port of San Francisco main ferry terminal. The best part? Bikes are allowed onboard all ferries and bike racks and bike lockers are provided at the Richmond ferry terminal.

But that’s not all: new bike lanes are striped on Harbor Way South below Hoffman Boulevard leading to the ferry terminal, and other streets in the area are in the works, including a new bike path on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, opening this spring.

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Bike Path

A bike path opens this Spring on the Richmond-San Rafael bridge, connecting you and your bike to Marin County, 24 hours a day. This project has been a long-standing high priority project for Bike East Bay and we hope you will join us and tens of thousands of others to celebrate. Don’t worry about any news you may have read regarding your bike path getting converted to a 3rd travel lane for cars–that is out of the picture thanks to our successful advocacy at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Final improvements are being made on the bridge connection, including a new bike path from the bridge to Castro Street in Point Richmond, so stay tuned for the opening date and celebration!

Cycle Track Connection: Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

Richmond has completed and approved designs for a cycle track bike connection from the Richmond Greenway to Point Richmond, to be completed when the bike path on the bridge opens this spring. It’s a low cost “quick-build” style cycle track through an industrial area connecting the Iron Triangle and Santa Fe Neighborhoods to Point Richmond and the new bridge path. Bike East Bay advocated for this cycle track connection to be added to the bridge project when bike access on the bridge was threatened during the planning process.


Next on deck:

Opening Celebration: Hold a slot on your calendars in March ‘19 for a celebratory bike ride on the bridge and picnic nearby – stay tuned!

Long-Term Improvements: Bike East Bay partnered with Trails for Richmond Action Committee, Placeworks, and the City of Richmond to obtain a $500,000 Sustainable Communities Planning Grant to design high-quality, permanent connections between the new bridge path, Richmond Greenway and Richmond’s new ferry service at Harbor Way.

Harbor Way South: Even though Richmond did not receive an Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant, the city has plans for upgraded bike lanes on Harbor Way South, as part of multiple projects, and some money to make these improvements. Richmond is hopeful that a soon-to-be-announced regional round of ATP grants will include their Harbor Way South project.


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