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Two great new bikeways are in the works for Oakland but we need you to contact the City in support to make them happen. Help us stripe more bike lanes in Oakland.

Go to our Action Pages above and send a quick email, download the City’s flyer and get a local resident/business to sign in support.
The City is accelerating these two projects by one year, which is terrific news and with your help we can ensure the public supports these two bikeway projects and helps us keep the pressure on the City to complete them as soon as possible.

The Broadway bikeway project closes a key gap between Rockridge and the Uptown. Bike lanes exist south of 38th Street and the City currently is finishing the bike lanes on Webster and Franklin Streets downtown. The E. 12th St bikeway project extends the recently installed bikeway on E 12th St, Fruitvale Ave to 40th Ave and complete an important 1.4-mile section of the City’s bikeway network. E. 12th Street Bikeway Project Map


Broadway Bikeway Map

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