Hazard Reporting Resources

Potholes, traffic signals that aren’t detecting bikes, glass in the bike lane… There are lots of non-emergency maintenance issues like these that can make our bicycle trips more difficult. You can help by reporting problems and getting them fixed, preventing mishaps for yourself and everyone else who bikes in that area.

Use the following resources and guidelines to report issues you encounter.


  • SeeClickFix mobile app (Android downloadApple iOS download) and website (SeeClickFix.com).
    We recommend using the free SeeClickFix mobile app or website to report issues, as these reports are visible to the public, you can include a photo, and you don’t have to know who is responsible for a specific issue before reporting it. 
    Start right away by submitting a report via the webform below.
    If your city is not yet using SeeClickFix (see below) please contact staff and elected officials to request that they start.
  • Other mobile apps
    Some East Bay cities use their own mobile app for hazard reports (see below). While these are useful, they are only good for issues within city borders, and many times the reports are not visible to the public. Try requesting to staff and elected officials that they use SeeClickFix as well.
  • City websites or phone numbers
    Some cities accept hazard reports via a website form, phone number, or email address (see below). While useful, these reports are not visible to the public and the user has to know which city/agency is responsible prior to making a report. As such we suggest using SeeClickFix or the Bike East Bay hazard reporting page when possible.


Hazard Reporting Guidelines

  • Is this issue an emergency requiring immediate assistance (such as a collision, dangerous driver, or broken water main)? Do not submit this as a hazard report, and call your local emergency response number instead.
  • Is this an issue which can not be resolved via routine maintenance by Public Works (like a street in need of better bike lanes, or a block that needs repaving and not just potholes filled)? Contact your city staff or elected officials for assistance instead, and let our advocacy team know about the problem so we can help.

Include the following in your report:

  1. Accurate location or street address: Use GPS or your smartphone to record the location down to the square foot, or include the nearest street address. The SeeClickFix mobile app makes this easy.
  2. Detailed description: Include as much info as you can to help the Public Works crew locate and address the issue (Example: “Pothole is in the rightmost north-bound lane, just north of the intersection of Tassajara Road and Dublin Blvd”)
  3. Be specific: Make a single report for each issue. For instance, when reporting potholes submit each one individually with a photo and location. Entire streets or blocks in need of repaving can not be addressed by a Public Works crew and should instead be reported to city staff or local elected officials.
  4. Say “bicycle”: If reporting an issue on SeeClickFix make sure to include a word like “bike”, “bicycle”, “cyclist”, etc. This will flag the issue in the Bike East Bay watch area and we will be notified automatically.
  5. Photo of issue (if possible): Avoid close-ups, and instead provide a photo of the issue in the context of the street. This will help the Public Works crew locate and fix it. ***When reporting a pothole, consider circling it with spraypaint to help bike riders and drivers avoid it until it can be addressed.***


Report issues now via this SeeClickFix webform (check if your city is using this service):