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Measure BB is a better version of 2012s Measure B. Our Yes on BB campaign starts at Pedalfest

Measure BB is a better version of 2012’s Measure B1, and retains a 4-fold increase in bike/ped funding in every city and unincorporated area of the County. Measure BB will build a connected network of safe and comfortable bikeways in your town, allowing you to ride safely and comfortably from your home to work, to school, to shopping centers and other important destinations, without worrying about cars. We like to think the BB’s are for ‘Better Bicycling’ but they also are for ‘Better BART,’ ‘Better Buses,’ ‘Better Boots’—walking, you get the idea. Our Yes on BB campaign is in high gear and we need your help to get out the vote.

We are seeking volunteers to help with phone-banking, outreach, and materials distribution.

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Here is why we are working hard to secure funding to build hundreds of miles of new bikeways and double, no… triple, the numbers of people bicycling.

BB for Better Bikes:
Imagine a Better Future

East Bay Greenway

Imagine riding your bike on the East Bay Greenway all the way from Fruitvale to Fremont on a smooth, well-maintained pathway

Bike Share

Imagine thousands of public bikes for you to use for short trips around town. Now imagine tens of thousands of people riding these bikes every day

Bay Trail

Imagine that the Bay Trail is complete for us and future generations to enjoy. Imagine maintenance vehicles keeping up the Bay trail regularly

Safe Routes to School

Imagine four times as many kids walking and bicycling to school in Alameda County every day, like what happened last Bike to School Day

Connected Bikeway Network

Imagine safe bike routes that connect your neighborhood to everywhere you ride. Imagine millions dedicated to repaving these bikeways so you have a smooth ride

Bikes at night

Imagine your favorite night spot looking like First Fridays in Uptownbikes everywhere!

Bike Stations

Imagine a Bike Station and secure bike parking at every BART Station

Complete Streets

Imagine streets that are great for bicycling, walking, taking transit and just for enjoying your neighborhood

Imagine Copenhagen calling us and asking, Bike East Bay, how did you do it?

We can do it, with your help. It’s all hands on deck to convince voters in November to support a $7.8 billion plan called Measure BB, a transportation expenditure plan for critical improvements in Alameda County for the next 30 years.

With Federal funding for bikes being drastically cut, a successful Measure BB is more important than ever to provide the funding we need to complete the bicycle network in your city, provide secure bike parking everywhere, and make the promotion of bicycling and walking mainstream. We not only have the opportunity to double, or even triple, the number of people bicycling in Alameda County, we have a unique opportunity to leave for the next generation a transportation system better than the one we inherited.

Supporters of the New Transportation Expenditure Plan, Measure BB

  • AC Transit
  • Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment
  • Alameda County Board of Supervisors
  • Alameda City Council
  • BART
  • Berkeley City Council
  • City of Dublin
  • City of Newark
  • Emeryville City Council
  • Fremont City Council
  • Genesis
  • Greenbelt Alliance
  • Hayward City Council
  • Livermore City Council
  • Oakland City Council
  • Piedmont City Council
  • Pleasanton City Council
  • San Leandro City Council
  • Union City Council
  • League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay
  • League of Women Voters of Alameda County
  • Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter
  • TransForm
  • Walk Oakland Bike Oakland

Here are the specific dollar amounts for bike/ped projects in Measure BB

  • $651 million for dedicated bike/ped project funding
  • 15% of Local Streets & Roads funds directed at bikeways and per projects-approximately $232.02 million
  • That all Measure BB monies will conform to the Complete Streets Policy Requirements of Alameda County, which requires each City in Alameda County to have a Complete Streets policy that includes Elements of an Ideal Complete Streets Policy
  • $22 million for a bike/ped bridge over I-80 in Emeryville; $5 million bike/ped under crossing as part of the Gilman interchange in Berkeley; safety improvement on Marin Avenue in Albany; a new Fruitvale Bridge with bike lanes; bike lanes on Lewelling Blvd in San Lorenzo; redesigned Whipple Road/I-880 interchange with bike lanes; Dublin Blvd widening with bike lanes; upgraded State Route 84 with bike lanes in Fremont; and more

In addition, $300 million is allocated to Transit-Oriented Development projects around BART stations, and this program will help construct many Safe Routes to Transit projects for cyclists and pedestrians.

“I Support Measure BB Because:?

See Photos and read stories about families and individuals all over Alameda County who benefit from Measure BB.

p>What Bike Projects Has the Existing Measure B Funded in My City?


List of Measure B-funded Bikeway projects and stories here

Your city’s Spending Plan for Measure BB Funds:

Alameda Hayward Pleasanton
Albany Livermore San Leandro
Berkeley Newark Unincorporated Areas
Dublin Oakland Union City
Fremont Piedmont Emeryville

Media Coverage for Measure BB

August 15, 2014

The Independent of the Tri-Valley covers Measure BB

June 3, 2014

Transform?s Analysis & Endorsement of Alameda County?s 2014 Transportation Funding Measure.

July 8, 2014

Scott Haggerty and Elsa Ortiz on Measure BB – Contra Costa Times Coverage

Scott Haggerty, Alameda County Supersivor advocates for Measure BB: ?We need this to keep the public moving, to fight congestion, to reduce air pollution, and put people to work. The timing is right. The economy is improving. Congestion is worsening, and people want ways to avoid being stuck idling in traffic.? Follow the link to watch Elsa Ortiz explain how Measure BB will provide bus passes for youth to get to school.

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