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Bicyclists are an influential group thanks to the work of our volunteer members.  Tom is one of our new volunteers – helping valet bikes, joining volunteer night and getting trained as an EBBC Outreach Volunteer. If you’re interested in volunteering with Tom and the many other volunteers that help our organization advocate for bicycles, contact [email protected].  Thanks, Tom!  
1) How did you get involved with the East Bay Bicycle Coalition?
I had been involved in a great organization in Washington, DC before I moved here in July. The Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) advocates vigorously and effectively for cyclists’s interests and has been successful in getting new trails, commuter support, bike lanes, bikes on Metro, and the like (sound familiar?). Its newsletter is even called “Ride On.” When I retired and moved to Oakland, I decided to look around for a similar organization. I quickly identified EBBC and was impressed with the range of activities it supported. My wife and I went to a couple EBBC community meetings and I was hooked.

2) What do you enjoy most about volunteering?
Volunteering with EBBC has provided me with an easy, natural way to meet new people and learn more about what’s happening the Bay Area cycling world. Last summer, I did valet bike parking at the Best of the East Bay in Jack London Square and at Art & Soul in downtown Oakland. What better way to get introduced to the food, music, and art of my new world. I am looking forward to doing more outreach now that I am beginning to learn more about what’s happening here–and the geography and new names, most of which begin with “San.”
3) What’s your favorite part about bicycling in the East Bay?
Hills and VeloRaptors. Vistas of green in the spring. I have become a stronger cyclist in the last year because riding the hills (with my newfound friends, the VeloRaptors who ride from Montclair) forced me to toughen up and develop new muscles (and to buy a new, lighter bike). Of course, DC and its surroundings have hills and the Blue Ridge mountains are not far away. But in this area the hills are close and offer great riding. I hear people complain about the weather out here, which only proves it is not perfect. In DC I might ride a few days in the winter. Here, I ride almost any time I want, but sometimes have to look for a sunny window in the forecast. But really there is no winter here.
3) What’s are you most looking forward to on Bike to Work Day?
I’m looking forward to spending the morning with a lot of people who are passionate about cycling in Oakland. Hope to be able to recruit some for EBBC and to share cycling stories, routes, and tips with others. Then I’m looking forward to coming back in the PM for music and partying in Old Oakland among my new best friends.

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