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Valley Link Rail Project Under Design

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: October 13, 2020

Designs are underway to seamlessly connect the Bay Area and Central Valley by transit. Valley Link is a newly planned rail extension that will eventually connect from East Dublin BART Station out to Stockton. Bike East Bay is working with San Joaquin Valley Bicycle Coalition to ensure the new rail service has funded and well-designed walking and bicycling access to proposed stations, as well as bike storage onboard. We’re also pushing for interim express bus service for essential travel now, in advance of operational new trains years from now.

Connect with leaders in Dublin and Livermore for the latest Tri-Valley updates: 

Bike Dublin
Bike Walk Livermore

Valley Link is expected to offer reliable and efficient transit between San Joaquin Valley and eastern Alameda County, with direct connections to BART and the Altamont Corridor Express (ACE). The first phase of service will provide a seamless and timed connection to BART, with service from Mountain House to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station. Trains will run throughout the day in both directions with the goal of matching BART frequency and hours of operation.

The project includes $400 million from Measure BB, recently amended by Alameda CTC to transfer this money from BART to Valley Link. In 2018, BART Board voted not to advance a BART extension to Livermore because of the cost and because of Livermore’s preferred alignment: in the middle of 580. The project still faces huge funding shortfalls, and because of this, Bike East Bay will collaborate with our allies to push for an express bus option that accelerates transit service in advance of rail service.

We have started regularly meeting with Valley Link Project Manager Rick Rattray and General Manager Michael Tree, and look forward to this planning work. Rick Rattray is the same project manager we worked with at BART to redesign bike access to Hillcrest eBART Station (opening March 2021 we expect). Connect with leaders in Dublin and Livermore for the latest Tri-Valley updates. 

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