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Richmond Relaunches Electric Bike-Share Program​

Author: Dani Lanis

Date: February 14, 2024

City of Richmond mayor Eduardo Martinez, announced they’re launching over 40 eBikes across 7 stations with an opportunity to expand to 300 eBikes across 20 stations

“Just imagine cruising down to the Richmond Marina wind in your hair on one of this electric bikes then heading over to the Red Oak Victory ship for sightseeing” he added.

“Today is a special day because we are reintroducing a transformative addition to our city’s transportation in collaboration with the city of Richmond. We will be launching eBikes throughout key areas of Richmond”, said Salma Berumen, community manager for Today.

“Cities that are bikeable and are biking together and invest in bike infrastructure are cleaner, greener, healthier and more connected”, said Robert Rogers, the district coordinator with Contra Costa County Supervisor Joh Gioia’s office.

How to use Today's e-bikes

Phill from Today shows how to utilize the City of Richmond bike share program with the Ride Today app available on the Google app store and the Apple app store. Right now the Richmond bikeshare cost is $2.00 to unlock which includes the first 15 minutes, and then it’s $0.30/minute after that.


The back-story of how the previous, private operator abandoned the system suddenly & how Richmond rehabbed and brought it back themselves can be read in Richmond’s electric bike-share program is back article written by Soren Hemmila from Richmond’s local Grandview Independent.

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