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Meet Your 2020 Board Candidates

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: December 10, 2019

Bike East Bay’s Annual Member Meeting and Election

When: Thursday, January 16,  from 6:30-8pm. We vote early, so please arrive promptly!

Where: Sports Basement in Berkeley, 2727 Milvia Street

Who: Bike East Bay members (Not sure if your membership is current? Join or renew now, or come a minute early to take care of it at the door.)

What Else: Free pizza! Beer and wine! 20% off at Sports Basement! Bikey friends!

RSVP to let us know you are coming.

How It Works

As a nonprofit, Bike East Bay is overseen by a volunteer board of directors. At our annual member meeting, we’ll vote in our newest candidates to the board of directors.

Who elects the board?

Bike East Bay’s own members! Any current member can participate by attending our Annual Member Meeting and exercising their vote. Not sure if your membership is current? Join or renew now!

Get a sneak peek at what the candidates on the ballot have to offer below, and meet them in person on the 16th!

Curtis Buckley

(Current Board Chair) I came to the Bay Area from Los Angeles as an enlisted man in the US Navy, stationed at Alameda Naval Air Station aboard the USS Samuel Gompers and I never left. I live in Berkeley and have been employed in the Biotechnology Industry for the last 20+ years.  

I have always been civic minded and have worked with many community organizations. My involvement in cycling and the cycling community has evolved over the last decade in conjunction with my understanding of human induced climate change.  I believe a move towards non-carbon emitting technology simply makes sense and it is imperative that we act quickly. I believe the bay area, with its temperate climate and strong environmental community, can be the premier biking region in the nation and I want to work with Bike East Bay to help make it happen.

Pam Mei Harrison

Pam Mei has over five years of experience in writing and managing grants and is currently Grants Manager at Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN), an environmental justice (EJ) organization. She has a PhD in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management from UC Berkeley under the guidance of Dr. Carolyn Merchant. Her dissertation used an EJ framework to understand and make recommendations regarding the usage and conditions of city parks in Richmond, Berkeley, and Oakland. Her research also highlighted various ways in which people’s freedom to move and belong–especially Indigenous, Asian, and Black women in public spaces–has been circumscribed directly and indirectly throughout American history. Pam Mei is multiracial and multifaceted. She believes bikes are an exquisite tool for personal and social transformation.

Mark Purser

I am passionate about climate change, environmental justice, and urban policy (because urban policy is climate policy) and have dedicated my career to these issues. I’m also an avid biker and have commuted by bike in Oakland for years. A housing shortage and inadequate transportation infrastructure (and the intersection with racial, economic, and environmental equity) are the two most critical issues facing the Bay Area. There’s no silver bullet to solving these problems, but effective and equitable bicycle infrastructure is an important component of any solution. I have 10 years of experience in infrastructure finance and have witnessed how successful infrastructure projects rely on coordination and cooperation among policymakers, community members, advocacy groups, and private interests. I also have experience building financial planning processes, systems, and teams in start-up environments.  

Anne Schonfield

My name is Anne Schonfield, I’ve lived in Berkeley since 1990 (!) and am an active bike commuter and road cyclist. If I’m not on my bike everyday, I’ve done something wrong that day! I’ve served on the Berkeley YMCA Board of Managers for the past 6-7 years (I love the Y!) and also served on the Board of the Berkeley High School Development Group. I have a small consulting firm (Schonfield Consulting) that works with many foundations and non profits on fundraising, strategic planning, evaluation and other organizational services. I’ve heard great things about Bike East Bay and would be honored to serve on the Board. 


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