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Jackie Ballard of Oakland frequently rides the Bay Trail. “Everyone who rides the Bay Trail knows that Golden Gate Fields is ridiculous. Not only are you contending with a steep hill, you are also often contending with intoxicated race fans, traffic that is all over the place, and, depending on the side in question, a whole lot of rocks and gravel. Some days, its just too much. Other days, its fine, until you blow a tube in the middle of the gravel wasteland on the Albany side of the hill.”

“The Bike/Pedestrian path is amazing – smoothly paved, shaded, and flat it is a wonderful alternative to those of us who don’t always want to go over the Golden Gate Fields hill, or who have people with us who are physically unable to (new cyclists, children, or cyclists with injuries).”

“In taking friends who are new cyclists out on longer rides, it is a relief for them to know they don’t have to contend with a badly paved, hilly section of an otherwise flat trail. It’s also a relief for me as the person showing them the ropes to know that I have an alternative that does not require them to go onto a crowded street, near multiple freeway exits and entrances, where neither of us are comfortable with them being.

“Ease of access to beautiful spaces is wonderful. I rarely see casual cyclists up beyond Golden Gate Fields, which is where it gets particularly beautiful – more avenues like this one would create more opportunity to get on our bikes and explore!”

James McCormack of West Oakland uses the new elockers at West Oakland BART everyday on his commute to San Francisco. “Every work day, I ride from my apartment in Oak Center, Oakland to the West Oakland BART station, and ride to work at CB2 in San Francisco. I always use the new BikeLink lockers because they are secure and convenient. Riding my favorite bike and knowing it’s safe makes my morning commute so much more pleasant and is a great start to my day!

Before they added extra lockers, I would take my chances and use the bike rack at the station. I had my seat stolen twice, and began to dread bringing not only my lock, but multiple cables to lock all of my bike parts. Even after super-locking my bike, someone stole the bracket for my bike light, despite the fact that I had taken the light with me! Because of this, I never rode my nice bike to BART. Now I can take my favorite bike, throw my helmet over the handlebar, leave all of my lights and my trunk bag attached, and put the bike in the locker without worrying. Because of the added bike lockers, I’ve never shown up and not had a locker.

Kim Kay of Alameda is a regular on the Bay Trail. “I have been commuting to work by bicycle regularly for at least 5 years now. I ride from my home in Alameda, to my job in San Leandro near Davis and Doolittle. I just love the Bay Trail! My favorite part of my bike commute is along the nice quiet shoreline in the morning – just me and the birds and the suicidal squirrels. I watch the planes take off and land and check out the fluffy cloud formations. I notice if it’s high or low tide under the slough bridge and when it’s low tide I can see the one small channel to the bay and the mosaic reflections of the sky in the shallow pools in the mud. The Slough Bridge has really changed my commute for the better – I used to dodge airport traffic and road debris on Doolittle, now I notice the clouds and the tides and the birds on the bay trail.”

Risa Goodman spends a lot of time on her bike, and she gets a lot of use of the bike racks on AC Transit buses. “I spend the bulk of my income in the east bay because I can run errands here much faster. It’s easier to get around and the bike racks on AC Transit really help. I also took the transbay buses into the city for work and it was my favorite part of the day- the buses have wi-fi and I can bring a bike; the drivers never complain. Never.

I have used almost every single bike path in the east bay. To be clear: this is why I live in the East Bay. I work from home, and when I go out to run errands I use Bikelink lockers when possible, even at the El Cerrito Pool—now that I know they have them. Almost all of my day-to-day choices have to do with, “can I get there on a bike or bus?”- which means that I live, eat out, work out, buy goods, watch movies, drink beer and use services that are pretty much all in the East Bay.”

Nate Spencer-Mork of Berkeley regularly commutes by the East Bay’s Bicycle Boulevards.“Milvia in Downtown Berkeley used to be on par with a Paris-Roubaix cobbled secteur. I suffered broken spokes in the three blocks south of University on a regular basis commuting to and from the Bike Station. Now it is great–thanks!”
John Bosche of Piedmont commutes to downtown Oakland everyday. “I like just about everything about riding my bike to work and especially the bike lanes on Lakeshore. The bike lanes provide an needed buffer zone that improves safety for me and drivers too.

I like that my bike is always ready for me. No waiting for the bus. I like that my bike has improved my general health and well-being. Lower cholesterol level and more stamina. I like that I can arrive at work drier than my coworkers on a windy, rainy day because when you bike in the rain, you must wear a full rain jacket, rain pants, waterproof boots, and waterproof gloves. If you don’t bike, you get soaked because raingear precautions on a bike have to be better. I like that I don’t burn gas and my car gets much less use. Bikeways are great because it’s nicer to ride on a quiet street when the cars don’t bug you and you don’t bug the cars.”

Measure B improvements at the Ashby BART station have greatly helped Nicolie Bolster of Berkeley with her commute. “As a bicyclist, I get in, out and around the Ashby BART station and the Ed Roberts Campus because they interface with amazing accessibility. The Americans with Disability Act mandated basic architectural standards that work for me with a bike.” She has also participated in EBBC’s bike safety course, a Measure B funded program. “I got so much value from the free course, and it gave me more confidence and more awareness on the road.”

Tom Yamaguchi of Berkeley frequents the Aquatic Park bike/ped bridge. “Crossing the freeway over the bike bridge is safer, easier, and more enjoyable. Walkers have their own sidewalk on the bridge so they can cross without being in the path of cyclists. The views of San Francisco Bay and East Bay hills are spectacular. Families with children cross with strollers and bicycle carts. After crossing, cyclists can ride along the Emeryville Bay Trail. This a popular route for the Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program (BORP). Young people with disabilities enjoy the ride along the bay on specially adapted bicycles and tricycles. Riding the bicycle/pedestrian bridge is a great way to get out and enjoy our shoreline park without pumping carbon into the atmosphere.”

Maggie Ammons spends a lot of time commuting by bike, and her daily route takes her on Emeryville’s bike lanes. “Adeline is the perfect Bicycle Boulevard. I ride on Adeline almost every day between 40th and 51st and the bike lane is, quite literally a lifesaver! I always feel safe, because I have enough room to avoid both cars passing, and opening doors. Adeline is the hidden gem of the bicycle lane system here in the East Bay!”

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