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At today’s Oakland city council meeting, Councilmember Lynette McElhaney has requested additional community input and a report focused on improving the current bikeway project on Telegraph Avenue between 20th-29th Streets. We support Councilmember McElhaney in seeking additional community input, and we continue to work with the KONO business district to improve this important network connection. Upgrades to Telegraph Avenue are coming on the ground now, and even more improvements are slated for 2021. Stay up to date on this campaign: sign up for action alerts at

Throughout the years, Bike East Bay members and volunteers have solicited community feedback, spoken up at council meetings, and have helped make connected, protected Telegraph Avenue a reality. As the project between 20th-29th Streets has evolved, we’ve listened to community feedback and have worked with the KONO business district to understand challenges and concerns. In 2018, when councilmembers unanimously approved protected bike lanes in Oakland’s Temescal district, they proactively requested upgrades to the Koreatown Northgate (KONO) section of Telegraph Avenue as well. 

Those improvements requested by council, including sturdier plastic bollards, better crosswalks and more, are currently coming on the ground in the KONO section of Telegraph Avenue. And, thanks to a $4.5 million grant won by the City of Oakland for this and other bikeway projects, more permanent upgrades for pedestrians, bike riders, transit riders and shoppers are slated for 2021. Upgrades coming next year include raised concrete islands and curbs for more permanent protected bike lanes, redesigned bus boarding islands, and traffic signal improvements for faster bus service. The plans, funding, and support are all in place for an even better Telegraph Avenue next year. Our top priority is a high quality project that continues to increase safety on Telegraph Avenue and meets the needs of the surrounding community. 

Since protected bike lanes first appeared on Telegraph Avenue in 2016, crashes and speeding have been down, and business has been up. Particularly as businesses adapt to life during COVID-19, we continue to listen to the concerns from the KONO business district, and look forward to seeing improved access for everyone traveling Telegraph Avenue delivered in 2021. Stay up to date on this campaign: sign up for action alerts at

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