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Durant Ave Bike Link: What Do You Think?

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: May 9, 2018

The new Bancroft Way two-way bikeway allows you to bicycle east uphill on Bancroft Way for the first time, but the bikeway stops at Dana Street. While Dana Street is a super-useful north-south bikeway (and is getting better later this year), to continue uphill you have to turn into the UC Berkeley campus or head south to Channing Way. Eventually, Bancroft Way will have a two-way bikeway the entire way up to Piedmont Avenue, but until then, a short term “bike link” on Durant Avenue could prove useful.

Here’s why:

As part of the Southside Pilot Projects, Bancroft Way above Bowditch will get a two-way cycle track, similar to the two-way cycle track on the ground below Dana. But the stretch of Bancroft Way between Dana and Bowditch has to wait for completion of a mixed-use development project to complete, on the block above Telegraph Avenue. This will take at least two year. Hence the need for a bike link, or detour if you will to planned bike lanes on upper Bancroft Way.

Bike East Bay gathered feedback on this idea at the 2018 Bike to Work Day energizer station at Sproul Plaza, and heard a lot of public interest. If you want to help make this happen by Bike to Work Day 2019, please feel free to email your questions or feedback to Bike East Bay Advocacy Director, Dave Campbell.

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