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Diablo Access: Strength in Numbers

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: January 22, 2019

Photo courtesy of Al Kalin


On January 8, more than 150 people heard the calls for help and packed the ballroom of Diablo Country Club. At any regular Diablo Community Services District board meeting, 10-15 people are typically expected. But this time, residents from Diablo and surrounding areas were there, ready to voice concern and show support to keep open the path between Alameda Diablo and Mt. Diablo Scenic Blvd. The cut-through path, which has been in use for more than 50 years, is key to keeping people safely off the notably more dangerous Diablo road.

Bike East Bay has been working alongside local groups in the recent lawsuit to defend your right to use publicly funded roads leading to Mt. Diablo. Al Kalin, President of Mt. Diablo Cyclists notes, “this is about more than just cyclists.” Hikers, joggers, dog-walkers, local students and more use the cut-through path regularly, and the overwhelming support in the room showed.

Al, who has ridden up Mt. Diablo thousands of times (and stopped counting years ago) says, “if you’re familiar with the path, then you understand the importance of it.” He estimates about a third of the room spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting. Taking the microphone were parents, students, and coaches from the Monte Vista High School and San Ramon Valley High School mountain bike teams, residents of the Diablo Country Club neighborhood, and even former residents of the area. Speakers continuously shared their fear of being redirected onto a winding, fast-paced, narrow road.

The energy in the room was positive – with attendees wall-to-wall and flowing out the back of the ballroom. Not one person spoke against keeping the path open to the public. Al underlines, we’re not finished yet. The Diablo Community Services District board of directors decide on January 22 whether or not to close the path between Alameda Diablo and Mt. Diablo Scenic Blvd. Emails in support are needed and can be sent to: DCSD Board President Ray Brant and General (Legal) Counsel Christie Crowl.

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