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Update: July 2, 2021

The new bike lanes and pedestrian safety improvements are open at the intersection of Tunnel Road and SR 13 in North Oakland, but we are concerned that the implementation is dangerous. So, please be cautious riding up there as we discuss with Caltrans and OakDOT how to resolve this.

In particular, the signalized bike crossing of the SR 13 on ramps requires cars headed to SR 13 to stop on their red light, but some cars are flying through, as they have prior, always having a green light, and not recognizing that the new green light is a bike symbol, meant for you not them. In addition, when you make that bike crossing, left turning cars also have a green to go with you up Tunnel Road, but the convergence is a concern. Please use caution and we will keep you posted on additional safety improvements. We have worked many years on this project and are frustrated that its implementation is not yet correct. We will stay on it until it is safe and thank you for your patience.

The City of Oakland expects to begin construction on long-awaited improvements to Tunnel Road, Caldecott Lane, and the Tunnel Road/SR13/Hiller Drive intersection as soon as this month. 

The project will stretch from Tunnel Road at the Berkeley border to the end of Caldecott Lane in the North Oakland hills and will feature the following improvements:

At the Tunnel Road/SR13/Hiller Drive intersection:

  • Upgraded/modified traffic signal at Tunnel/13/Hiller intersection with pedestrian push-buttons and bicycle detection
  • Reconstructed median islands, new high-visibility crosswalks and new green thru-intersection bike lane markings at the Tunnel/13/Hiller intersection

On Tunnel Road:

  • Continuous bike lanes on Tunnel Road and Caldecott Lane between the Berkeley border and the east end of Caldecott Lane
  • Connected sidewalks on the south side of Tunnel road to the Tunnel/13/Hiller intersection
  • Separate eastbound bicyclists and all pedestrians from traffic destined for the SR 13 onramp 

On Caldecott Lane:

  • Resurfacing the pavement on Caldecott Lane between Tunnel Road and the east end of Caldecott Lane
  • Continuous bike lanes on Tunnel Road and Caldecott Lane between the Berkeley border and the east end of Caldecott Lane

Bike East Bay joined community groups back in 2007 and sued Caltrans to include projects like this in the Caldecott Fourth Bore Project, which opened to traffic in 2013. To date, the new cycle track and bike lane improvements on Broadway above Keith Ave have been built from Caldecott mitigation monies, as well as so-so bike lane improvements in Berkeley on Tunnel Road. 

Construction is anticipated to begin this summer, once final permits are issued from Caltrans. Indications that the roadwork is coming will include notification letters to Hiller Drive residents and along Tunnel Road in Berkeley and large signs announcing the project. These signs will list the anticipated start and ending seasons (summer 2020 to spring 2021) and City of Oakland and contractor contact information.

Contact Sophea Sem, City of Oakland, at [email protected] or 510-715-7122, with construction-related questions or concerns, particularly once construction is underway.

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