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Thanks to everyone: volunteers, sponsors, staff and all you cyclists!
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Record numbers of bicyclists rode, record numbers of volunteers helped out, and record numbers of cities and businesses participated and supported the event. The numbers of bicyclists who rode on Bike to Work Day increased 57% over 2008 and the number of bike-related events greatly expanded to include many new, fun events. We also involved the most number of cities and public agencies in Bike to Work Day in 2009 and sponsorship support exceeded all our goals.

Over 10,000 bicyclists were counted at 53 energizer stations on the morning of Bike to Work Day in Alameda County, which was a 57% increase over 2008. Same-station energizer stations saw a 43% increase in the number of bicyclists1. Contra Costa County also saw a 45% increase in bike counts on Bike to Work Day, and as a whole, bicycling was up 36% in the Bay Area. In addition, there were 12 energizer stations in the East Bay that counted over 400 bicyclists on Bike to Work Day. We also had 15 afternoon energizer stations this past year, which was a three-fold increase over 2008. The most telling statistic here is the 43% same-station increase over 2008. Energizer stations like Dublin/Pleasanton saw their bike count double, from 215 to 401 and Berkeley Arts Magnet from 239 to 482. Sproul Plaza bike counts more than doubled from 180 to 438.

Some additional statistics:

  • We increased web hits 7 fold! From 1 million to 7 million
  • We increased Team Bike Challenge teams 26% from 97 to 124
  • TV and Radio Media hits in the Bay Area nearly doubled from 36 in 2008 to 66 in 2009.
  • We increased the number of musette bags from 3,500 to 5,200
  • We increased the number of Bike Commuter of the Year nominations
  • Bike counts done at 5 locations in Berkeley before and on Bike to Work Day showed a 37% increase in bicycling.
  • For the first time in years, we printed Bike to School Day posters and distributed them to over 20 schools
  • “Bike Trip” was the top local trend for May 14th for the Bay Area.

GET ROLLING Campaign expands to greater East Bay

GET ROLLING banners and ads flew for 4 weeks leading up to Bike to Work Day this year, and some are still up. Check out a listing of bus shelter ad locations. Street pole banners flew in El Cerrito, Berkeley, Albany, Oakland, San Leandro, Dublin and Pleasanton, and over 100 bus tail ads graced the butts of AC Transit buses running up and down the East Bay.

East Bay Bike Commuters of the Year Winners GET ROLLING

The East Bay Bicycle Coalition (EBBC) is pleased to announce Laura Mccamy as the 2009 Bike Commuter of the Year for Alameda County and Jeff Kent as the 2009 Bike Commuter of the year for Contra Costa County. The EBBC coordinates the Bike Commuter of the Year Awards to honor one resident from each of the two East Bay counties who are committed to making every day a “Bike to Work Day.” The selection process, facilitated through peer nominations, targets avid cyclists who set examples for others by epitomizing the health, environmental, social, and economic benefits of bicycling.

Laura Mccamy Alameda County Bike Commuter of the Year Laura Mccamy is an Emeryville resident and works for the law firm Seversen & Werson located in San Francisco. She commutes via bike from Emeryville to San Francisco using BART’s new eLockers, securing her bike at the MacArthur BART station. Following their recent wedding, Mccamy and her partner April Atencio had a post-nuptial bike parade of guests, while wearing their wedding gowns. Mccamy now organizes regular bike outings for her community with kids and adults, and her co-housing community forms several teams for the Team Bike Challenge, including a kid’s team called the “Owesome Otters.”

“I’ve known Laura as a neighbor at Emeryville’s Doyle Street Cohousing Community for five years. During that time she has been one of my bike divas and role models as she has no car and does all her errands using her bike along with a 100+ pound bike trailer, including Saturday trips to the farmer’s market,” says neighbor Adam Eigner.

“I started riding again as adult about 10 years ago. I woke up one day to the absurdity of driving to the swimming pool to exercise. If I wanted movement, it seemed logical to start at my front door. Two years ago Thanksgiving, I sold my truck and went car free. I haven’t looked back. My bicycle is my main mode of transit and life on two wheels gets better all the time,” Laura says with pride.

“I love the new bike lane on 40th Street in Oakland,” added Laura, about her bike ride to work. “But I wish it extended all the way to Emeryville. Bike lanes help me to be more visible and they give me a spot on the road where I don’t have to fight with cars.”

Jeff KentContra Costa County Bike Commuter of the Year Jeff Kent bike commutes from Lafayette to Pleasanton over 20 miles each way. He often rides an old Japanese made bike, complete with rack, panniers, fenders and generator hubs for biking at night. He rides San Ramon Valley Blvd to the Iron Horse Trail, down into Pleasanton to the Hacienda Business Park.

“2009 marks my husband’s 30th year of Bicycling to Work. He loves to ride his bike and finds biking to work one of the easiest ways to keep in shape. It allows him to indulge his passion for cycling and save gas and money,” says Jeff’s wife Tanya Ericson.

In 2008, Jeff set another personal best of 146 commute days by bike, totaling about 6300 miles. In the spring and summer months, his 42 mile round trip to work is often supplemented with a detour over Mount Diablo.

Jeff works is in the IT department of Robert Half International in Pleasanton. RHI encourages its employees to ride to work, providing showers and lockers right on site, and allows employees to bring their bikes into their buildings for safe keeping.

In his many years of riding the Iron Horse trail to and from work, he has developed a network of friends in the other bike commuters he routinely sees on the trail. Riding his bike to work is such a regular part of his daily routine, he doesn’t even give it a second thought. When he gets up in the morning and dresses for work, instead of deciding what tie to wear, he has to pick out which jersey to wear from his extensive collection.

Team Bike Challenge Winners

team bike challenge

    Alameda County

  • “CGMM” Cisco Green Mean Machine: 515 pts / 1058 miles ridden
  • Flying Rubber Chickens: 504 pts / 651 miles ridden
  • Adler’s Enablers: 495 pts / 1248 miles ridden

    Contra Costa County

  • PeopleSoft Pedal Pushers: 416 pts / 802 miles ridden
  • Hui Paikikala: 354 pts / 835 miles ridden
  • Team Kyocera: 343 pts / 378 miles ridden

Overall, 121 companies participated in the competition this year. The teams from Cisco Systems biked an incredible 25,635 miles! Richmond finished as the top Local Government Team in the Team Bike Challenge.

Bike Away from Work Party

The Bike Away From Work Party was heck a fun in the Temescal District of Oakland. Cyclecide, the heavy pedal bike rodeo, entertained with their crazy bikes and rides. Local bicycle fashionistas competed in a “Project Runway” fashion show. Trumer Pils Brauerei, local Berkeley brewery, poured the beer. Music, food, prizes, awards, fun and games for all as we celebratedd our biggest day of the year. We recognize the winner of the Bike Commuter of the Year Awards in Alameda Counties.
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