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Berkeley Bike Subcommittee Update March 30

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: March 31, 2015

Berkeley has added 5 new on-street bike corrals, and is bringing on more staff to implement a backlog of capital projects waiting to be delivered. Berkeley is starting to put your Measure BB money to work.

New staff are working on the Hearst Ave Complete Street project with great bike lanes and modern intersections, the Shattuck Ave reconfiguration at Shattuck Square to realign Shattuck Ave for safer pedestrian crossings, and a new Downtown Plaza at the BART Station. Expect Hearst Ave finished in 2016 and Shattuck Ave reconfiguration and new plaza in 2017.

Alta Planning consultants have started work on Berkeley’s Bicycle Plan update. They just completed a city-wide public opinion survey about bicycling and what improvements people want to see to encourage more bicycling. Results of the survey will be unveiled at an interactive public kickoff event for the bike plan, open house-style on April 27 at the Downtown Berkeley Library, 4:30-7:30pm. Come by anytime to learn more about the bike plan and start giving staff your ideas for priority bike improvements. There will be fun games for kids too, so bring your whole team.

Over the past 3 months, Bike East Bay has polled our members for their priority bike improvements and the top three are: 1) safer crossings of busy streets along bike boulevards, 2) protected bike lanes, and 3) smoother pavement. Our survey captured mostly people who regularly ride, while the City’s survey captured the public at large. So it will be interesting to see the differences. If you haven’t taken our survey, here it is, and we will post a link to the City survey as soon as it is made available.

See you April 27 for Berkeley’s bike plan open house-style kick off event.

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