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Riding Together: Unveiling Bike East Bay’s New Mission and Strategic Plan

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: February 23, 2024

For over 50 years, Bike East Bay has been promoting healthy, sustainable communities by making bicycling safe, fun, and accessible. We continue to accomplish what we set out to do: we are well known for our free, high-quality education, our advocacy which has led to incredible infrastructure projects in cities all across the East Bay, and our accessible events that bring out thousands of bicycle riders every year. 

In recent years, our staff, members, and communities have elevated essential conversations around the growing disparities across racial and economic lines that riders face. Paired with a rise in biking and walking fatalities across the region, our work has been more urgent than ever.

With a deep desire to respond to the shifting mobility landscape, we embarked on a strategic planning process in June of last year. Throughout the rest of 2023, we had conversations, workshops, and surveys to listen to and understand the needs and priorities of our Bike East Bay community and partners. 

Bike East Bay is thrilled to share our revamped mission statement and strategic plan that centers our commitment to fostering thriving communities and love for bicycles, and emphasizes our collective power to shape our communities.

Bike East Bay mobilizes by bike to build thriving communities that are joyful, safe, and inclusive.

Our mission is simple yet profound: Bike East Bay mobilizes by bike to build thriving communities that are joyful, safe, and inclusive. At the heart of this mission lies the belief that riding a bike is more than a means of transportation; it’s a transformative force that centers around people’s needs and brings them together. The values that drive us forward are embedded in the very essence of biking – joy, safety, and inclusivity. 

Delving into the Essence of Our Mission: 

  • Joy: Whether you’re navigating city streets, cruising along scenic trails, or riding to work, we want people to feel uplifted, proud, and in awe of the vibrant East Bay we call home. We find deep joy in connecting with the simple pleasure of moving forward, powered by your own momentum— it’s even more meaningful when we can do it alongside community.
  • Safety: Our mission is to ensure that our streets are safe for all people. By advocating for people-first infrastructure, promoting free bike education, and empowering community leaders, we’re working towards creating an environment where everyone feels confident and protected. 
  • Inclusivity: Our commitment to equity and inclusivity is rooted in the belief that everyone, regardless of background or ability, should be able to access to the benefits of biking. Beyond just access though, we want people to feel like they belong. We acknowledge that people experience different intersectional barriers to mobility and feeling safe: we strive to break down barriers and make streets and trails that belong to all. 

Strategic Plan: Pedaling with Community

While our mission statement is our North Star, our strategic plan is the roadmap that guides us towards a future where people all across the East Bay feel safe on their own streets, no matter how they ride. Over the next 5 years, the following strategic priorities will determine how we shape our campaigns, engage our members, and shift narratives across the East Bay:

✱ Grow an accessible, diverse movement: co-creating safe, inclusive and sustainable communities

At the core of our mission is the belief that moving safely and joyfully is for everyone. Our first strategic priority revolves around cultivating a movement where diverse identities and needs are important assets. We’re not just advocating for bike-friendly policies; we’re building a movement where individuals from all walks of life have a voice and feel empowered to actively shape their communities. 

✱ Lead through the lens of mobility justice: systems change in the East Bay

Everything we do will be filtered through the lens of mobility justice: people deserve to feel safe existing on the streets, regardless of their race, ethnicity, class, legal status, ability, gender, sexuality or age. Systemic change needs to happen across the East Bay to break down barriers and address the historical inequities that have shaped our urban landscape, and as an organization our role will be to challenge the status quo, initiate conversations around equity, and advocate for all people in our streets.

✱Becoming a first-in-class nonprofit: recognized for a thriving team

We understand that to bring about meaningful change, we need a dedicated and thriving team. Our third strategic priority is to become a first-in-class nonprofit, recognized not just for our impactful initiatives but for the strength and vitality of our team. We prioritize creating a work environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and personal growth. A thriving team is the backbone of our organization, driving us forward as we tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Bike East Bay’s new mission statement and strategic plan embody our commitment to building movement for safe streets and connected, thriving communities where people come first, not cars. By mobilizing individuals through biking, we’re not just navigating streets – we’re building communities that are joyful, safe, and inclusive. Together, let’s pedal towards a future where the simple act of riding a bike transforms not just our streets, but our lives and the East Bay we call home.


In community,

Jill Holloway & Justin Hu-Nguyen

Co-Executive Directors, Bike East Bay

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