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To encourage and inspire more women, trans and femme folks to ride bikes, Bike East Bay offers a Women Bike program.

Bicycle-related spaces have traditionally been overwhelmingly (cis)male-dominated areas. In order to help individuals to be knowledgeable and confident with bikes and comfortable in bike-related situations, our Women Bike program is being developed by drawing inspiration from similar programs nationally and locally, and with your input! Bike East Bay is partnering with individuals and groups to organize social events, rides, and workshops to bring women together and break down barriers to biking.

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For upcoming Women Bike events and details, check out the calendar in the sidebar (bottom of the page on mobile). Full Bike East Bay calendar here.

This page is intended for every stage of rider:

  • Interested, but don’t know how to ride a bike? Take a free Learn-to-Ride class for adults then come hang out at a happy hour to find practice buddies. 
  • New to riding, or bike-curious and wondering what’s involved in getting rolling? Start here. 
  • Looking to rack up miles? Check out these ride groups
  • Social rider or commuter? Come to a happy hour, host a ride with us, or put together a social event for women who bike (or want to bike) in your area. Brush up on best practices for riding around town at a free Urban Cycling 101 class and find answers to lots of your bike-related questions on our Education page. Our education program has a wealth of learning opportunities, like Family Cycling Workshops, Smart Cycling Basics, and more. Or, ride on the regular with one of these easy-going groups.

Jeannie in San Leandro on co-organizing the first Women Bike Happy Hour to her town:

“It made me excited to invite more women to do stuff like this. I didn’t know there was this network out there. I felt the same thing with the happy hour. …We were overflowing from the tables, and it was fun to see so many women excited about biking. It was really empowering. It feels like something that is growing and I want to be part of that.”

Who is Women Bike for?

We strive to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all, while also recognizing the benefits of offering women, trans and femme-specific spaces as a stepping stone to achieving greater confidence in all aspects of bicycle life. Women, trans and femme events are open to anyone who identifies as female, transgender, femme, genderqueer, trans-masculine, trans-feminine, or feels that their socialization or treatment as a woman/transperson/femme has impeded their participation in bicycling, or who has been marginalized or intimidated in these settings.

If you are not women, trans or femme identified, become an ally:

  • Respect the space: Come to Bike East Bay’s other events instead!
  • Respect people: Treat all women and trans people as you would any other person (don’t assume they’re less knowledgeable, don’t minimize their experiences and don’t touch their bike without permission).
  • Get educated: Learn about the issues facing women and trans communities, and about gender as a construct.
  • Educate others: About why and how to be an ally!

More Women Bike Resources

The League of American Bicyclists: Women Bike

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition: Women Bike SF

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

The East Bay is big, and we need your help to share the love. Can you co-host a monthly coffee hour, happy hour, or other regular social? Maybe a one-time workshop, speaker, picnic, or potluck is more your style. Or if you just want to ride your bicycle, you could lead an educational ride for others. You know best what kind of event fits your community. Tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll work with you to make it happen. Send your ideas to Eileen@BikeEastBay.org.


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Women Bike Surveys

Women Bike Surveys

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Attend one of our hundreds of free education classes. Learn to ride, attend family cycling workshops, or gain urban riding skills.