Dave Campbell

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Dave Campbell coordinates the advocacy and policy work of Bike East Bay, as well as coordinating the Bay Area’s Regional Safe Routes to Transit Program. Bike East Bay represents people who ride in 33 jurisdictions in the East Bay and Dave directs our local advocacy work in each city.

Dave is leading our efforts to establish local working groups in each city. Dave also works extensively with county and regional planning agencies to secure funding for bike projects and to improve policies that affect each city in the East Bay. The Safe Routes of Transit Program is a $20 Million program that funds projects to increase the numbers of people walking and bicycling to regional transit service. Dave works with Transform and numerous cities, counties, regional planners and advocates to review and select the projects that can have the most impact on mode share. From 2000-2009, Dave served as the Chair of the Bike East Bay Board of Directors, and served as Vice-Chair from 1998-2000.

Dave joined Bike East Bay back in 1996 as a volunteer while practicing patent and trademark law in San Francisco and still acts as a legal advisor to Bike East Bay. Dave rides a beat up old Diamondback mountain bike and wishes he spent more time on weekends riding his bike, but tennis, his other passion, keeps him on court.

Contact Dave at (510)845-RIDE or email dave@BikeBastBay.org