Middle Park Blvd Bikeway Design Proposal

Here are the exciting designs drawn up by our volunteer landscape architect, Joe Lachoff, with a tremendous amount of input from our members and people who bicycle and took the time to take a quick survey about their bicycling experience on middle Park Blvd (above 580):*

Park Blvd at 580 could start to look like this. What do you think? Note that Oakland’s Department of Transportation has found a way to improve upon these desigs and keep a continuous bike lane on Park Blvd underneath 580. We support that design.

Park Blvd at Grosvenor could look like this. Or better?

Not shown is a bike traffic signal for all phases here-a bike scramble if you will. All bike traffic moves thru the intersection while all cars have a red light. 


Park Blvd between Edna Brewer and the Glenview Commercial District

Park Blvd at the Glenview Commercial District. We keep four travel lanes, but convert diagonal parking into back-in diagonal parking.


Park Blvd above commercial district



If these design proposals excite you too, please volunteer with our Park Blvd campaign and help gain public support for these needed bike improvements. Send an email to Dave Campbell, BikeEas Bay Advocacy Director.


*Note that these designs are proposals by Bike East Bay for new bikeways. The City of Oakland will conduct a public process in 2017 to evaluate various options for a safer Park Blvd.

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