Tunnel Road Bike Lanes on Transportation Commission Agenda

Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Help us make the Tunnel Rd bike lane look like this the entire way

The City of Berkeley has notified residents along Tunnel Road that their “on-street” car parking is going to be removed in order to stripe a safe and inviting buffered bike lane along Tunnel Road. This key bikeway segment connects southeast Berkeley to the hills and to North Oakland via Tunnel Road and Broadway. Help us make a strong showing at the Transportation Commission to support this important bikeway project.

What: Berkeley Transportation Commission

When: Thursday, June 20, 7-9pm

Where: North Berkeley Senior Center, 1901 Hearst Ave, at MLK Jr. Way

and please tell your friends to come and also ask them to send an email of support for this project to:

Contact Farid Javendel, Senior Transportation Planner and let him know you want buffered bike lanes on Tunnel Road.

  1. Tunnel Road Bike Lanes: Berkeley is proposing to remove car parking and stripe a bike lane on Tunnel Road, but due to concerns about residents getting upset about the loss of on-street parking, these plans may change. Above The Uplands, the City is planning to remove on-street parking in the uphill direction and stripe a buffered bike lane, which is great news. However, residents 1st may get to vote on whether they are willing to lose their supplemental on-street car parking, and they are not going to go for this. The City needs to hear from us that the bike lane is a priority and that safe bike access is not a popularity contest, but rather an obligation the City has to make it’s streets safe for bicycling and to encourage more residents to try bicycling. Berkeley has the 4th highest rate of bicycling in the country and it should not have to accommodate on-street parking for residential houses that have their own driveways. While narrow in sections, Tunnel Rd has sufficient room for a safe, uphill bikeway, in the form of a bike lane, but on-street car parking needs to be restricted. If you ride Tunnel Rd, or would if it had buffered bike lanes.