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This past Sunday was a great event combining several of my favorite things: beer, bikes and Oakland. It was the Tour de Bière 2012, led by The Grand Cru, as a fundraiser for the East Bay Bike Coalition. With a full day of biking and beer tasting, plus discounts at several destinations, it was a bargain at $25 per person. So it was unsurprising when tickets sold out for it in 4 days.

We met at Trumer in Berkeley to sign in and start off with some coffee and snacks. The group split into two for a tour around Trumer’s brewery. Outside are a number of large silos for grain, and giant temperature-controller fermenters. Trumer Pils is known for being a ‘bright’, clear beer, so they’ve got an amazing filtration system, but because EBMUD water is so good, they don’t need to filter or treat the water. I worked at a brew on premises / brewpub for a while, and was interested in beer before that, so I’m familiar with the brewing process. That said, I still found the tour at Trumer interesting and informative.

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