East Bay Bicycle Coalition celebrates Team Bike Challenge winners with a happy hour bash at Actual Cafe Friday, June 24th

bafwp1.jpg Another successful Bike Month has come and gone the results of the Team Bike Challenge are now final. Sangamo Cyclists of Alameda County, riding to Sangamo BioSciences in Richmond, are the regional winners in this year’s Team Bike Challenge. See the Sangamo Cyclists featured in the inspiring video at the bottom of this page. Congratulations to Sangamo Cyclists, the regional and Alameda County winners with 2,901 team miles logged in May, to the Hydrologic Cyclers, the Contra Costa County winners with 2,081 miles logged, and to KW Engineering, an Oakland firm who won the region in the small company category. Out of the top five teams three were from Alameda County – we have a lot to celebrate. The two winning teams for Alameda and Contra Costa counties will win a Commuter Rack Trunk from REI for each team member, plus other goodies. Here at the East Bay Bicycle Coalition we would like to send the heartiest of congratulations to all Team Bike Challenge participants for all of the riding that you did in May as part of the Team Bike Challenge, this year and in years past!

Party Celebration: To celebrate the winning teams and the mighty accomplishments of all participants we are throwing a party on Friday June 24 from 5:30 to 8:30pm at the Actual Café in Oakland, 6334 San Pablo Avenue. We will be recognizing the top three team winners from both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, and recognizing all new novice riders who participated in the Team Bike Challenge. Novice riders with more than 10 points in May will receive special recognition including a free beer and the opportunity to share your inspirational story about what got you onto your bikes in May and what keeps you riding. Please come join us for beer, great food, entertainment and more. For more details, visit: www.ebbc.org/tbcparty. And here are the final results for Team Bike Challenge in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties: Alameda County:

  • Sangamo Cyclers 508 pts / 2,901.2 miles Sangamo BioSciences
  • Team Success 416 pts / 3,021.3 miles
  • Dope Pedalers 405 pts / 2,687.6 miles SunPower Corporation

Contra Costa County:

  • Hydrologic Cyclers 276 pts / 2,083.4 miles East Bay Municipal Utility District
  • BART-Walnut Creek Mike’s Bikes Team 272 pts / 1,580.2 miles
  • Cyclorons 233 pts / 2,007.5 miles Cisco Systems

Mark your calendars and we look forward to seeing you then and celebrating your accomplishments! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YCkbxXTm50&feature=player_embedded