May 22, 2008

Berkeley Bicycle Subcommittee Meeting Notes
May 22, 2008
4:30pm – 6pm

Colin Hughes
Sarah Syed (BART, Transportation Commissioner)
Marcy Greenhut (Transportation Commissioner)
Eric McCaughrin (Transportation Commissioner)
Aaron Welsch
Jason Meggs

1. Bike to Work Day Report
- Sarah showed off BART’s awsome bike-to-work-day T-shirt

2. Traffic circle progress
- Sarah Syed wants to see removal of stop signs as high priority, and community outreach needed to do this.

(sent via email as staff was not able to attend meeting)

Raleigh M60


2005 Hearst Ave., 1st floor of building


Frame is grey and black, 20 in size. Suspension fork on the front. Has a black rear bike rack. Probably 24 gears (not sure exactly how many). Had a wi-fi speedometer sensor on the front wheel. Extra vertical handlebars as well as left side mirror. 2 bottle racks as well as a U-lock holder. Both a U-lock and a flexible lock (all black) were on the bike when stolen.
First 2 characters of serial number:


Simon Lacoste-Julien 2005 Hearst Ave., Apt 3 Berkeley, CA, 94709 510-501-5447


Peak Oil and Bicycling

How will peak oil impact bicycling in the East Bay over the next five years?

I assume the following.
1) Peak oil occurred in 2005.
2) Global conventional oil production will be close to the 2005 level for about five years, and then begin a continuous decline. Global demand will continue to increase, although less rapidly than recently.
3) Gas prices may vary, but will remain above $4/gal and will be in the $7-$10 range by 2013.

Schwinn Mesa GS


Men's Shelter (courtyard), 1931 Center Street, Berkeley CA


2006 Schwinn Mesa GS, Sage Green and Grey, No seat or seatpost when stolen, s/n ****3535
First 2 characters of serial number:


Flemming Larsen 1-510-495-6212 (voicemail)


Disabled-friendly speed hump study

City of Berkeley implemented a moratorium on speed humps, due to concerns from the disabled community. This study investigated how to design speed bump that regulates vehicle speed without causing discomfort for persons with spinal injury.

Berkeley Transportation Commission Meeting

1. Election of Chair 7:15PM
Acting Chair Greenhut

2. Southside Plan EIR** 7:20 PM
Discussion of recommendations to Planning Commission and
Formation of Joint TC/PC Subcommittee
Staff (Vuicich)

3. Presentation of Downtown Area Plan Revised Access Chapter* 8:10 PM
Staff (Taecker)
a. 6/11/08 Memo from Matt Taecker, Principal Planner, DAP
b. DAP Access Chapter with tracked revisions
c. DAP Access Chapter, Revised

4. Safe Routes to School – Verbal Update 8:55 PM
Staff ( Vuicich)

5. Pedestrian Master Plan – Verbal Update 9:05 PM
Staff (Vuicich)

70's/80's motobecane (green)


euclid, north of campus, on hilgard and euclid


sugino messenger crank, all black hubs, spokes, rims, wheels, flipped and chopped bars, specialized seat, broken pedal, only one clip, no brakes.
First 2 characters of serial number:


phone: 4406686760 email:


Joint Planning/Transportation Commission Hearing on BRT

Location: North Berkeley Senior Center
Agenda to follow (when received).

If implemented, this project would incorporate full bike lane facility on Telegraph Avenue, and segregated bus and bike travel by putting each in separate lanes. Buses will also be equipped to carry bikes.

Build It Green Home Tour bike trip

Build It Green Home Tour in Alameda & Contra Costa Counties
Sunday, June 1st, 2008
homes open 10am – 5pm - see below for bike tour info

Building on the huge success of our past six home tours, Build It Green is returning to the East Bay for our third Build It Green Home Tour in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties! Come to the Build It Green Home Tour and see green building up close. Speak with homeowners, builders and designers about the materials they chose, installation do’s and don’ts, and lessons learned.

Berkeley Bicycle Subcommittee Meeting

Bicycle Subcommittee
of the Berkeley Transportation Commission

Thursday, May 22, 2008
4:30-6:00 p.m.
Public Works/Transportation Division
1947 Center Street, 3rd Floor South
Tupelo Conference Room

1) Introductions; agenda approval

2) Public comment on items not on the agenda

3) Staff update: Matt update on hiring Bike/Ped Planner, budgetary issues, etc.

4) Announcements; Bike to Work Day report from attendees

5) Bike Station Update - Matt


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