MTC Regional Pedestrian & Bicycle Training Workshop

[G2:952 size=50 class=left]Encourage your local transportation planners and engineers to register now! Three earlier workshops received tremendous acclaim, but many cities and agencies were absent. [G2:965 size=50 class=left]The interactive workshop, conducted by Fehr & Peers and Eisen | Letunic, is aimed at providing the latest bicycle & pedestrian design tools to practicing transportation and urban planning & design professionals.

Citizens for East Shore Parks (CESP)

WHERE: 520 El Cerrito Plaza (above Trader Joe’s)

I. Call to order

II. Staff Report: Patricia Jones
a. CESP Open House
b. CESP accomplishments in 2007 (as relate to CESP goals)

III. Albany: Guest: Don Neuwirth, Consultant for Albany’s waterfront planning process
a. Waterfront planning process
b. Golden Gate Fields: (Robert Cheasty)

IV. EBRPD Update: Larry Tong, Ellen Barth
a. EBRPD receives $1.5 million from the Coastal Conservancy to restore 35
acres of the Berkeley Meadow, Phase III of this project and $700,000 for Brickyard Design.

Greening Albany

Visit booths to talk to green organizations already working in Albany and learn more about what you can do to benefit the local environment and fight global warming. Please visit the Albany bicyclists' booth.

WHERE: Albany Middle School, 1259 Brighton Avenue

Assemblymember Loni Hancock
Alameda Co. Supervisor Keith Carson
Award-winning Green Architect David Arkin
Sierra Magazine Columnist “Hey Mr Green” Bob Schildgen
City Councilmembers Joanne Wile and Farid Javandel
Publisher of These Green Times James Carter

For more information email

Albany Pierce St. bike path project - help needed

We are encountering a lot of opposition to a bike path project on
Pierce St. in Albany adjacent to the Albany Hill condos. Almost all
the opposition is from the residents of 555 Pierce St., the tallest
building. This complex was built with 1 parking space per unit
whereas the other buildings (545 and 535) were built with more than 1.

The current plan to rehabilitate the street and install a path is
parking neutral. However, the opposition is demanding that the city
install *MORE* on-street parking spaces than exist currently by
eliminating the path part of the project.


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