Save Your Bus! Take AC Transit's Survey

Save Your Bus! Take AC Transit's Survey

Like other public transit agencies, AC Transit is undergoing severe budget problems. With the elimination of state assistance for operations like salaries, maintenance, and gas they are looking at 15% service cuts just to stay afloat. They are asking riders to take a short survey to help them prioritize routes and to decide how and where to cut. This survey was also given out at the recent series of community meetings on service reductions.

Albany Strollers and Rollers Regular Meeting

Location: 850 Stannage, #3, Albany
Sylvia Paull's place
510.388.8932 (cell)

After getting into the building, bicycles can be put downstairs in the garage.


Everyone is welcome.

UC Village Health and Wellness Fair - Albany Strollers and Rollers tabling

Community Green, University Village, 1125 Jackson St., Albany

10th Annual University Village Health and Wellness Fair. "It's easy going green" is this year's theme. Albany Strollers and Rollers will have a table promoting walking and bicycling and showcasing our efforts and projects and upcoming events.

Green Albany Day - Valet Bike Parking sponsored by Jelly Belly

WHEN: Sunday, May 17, 11 to 3
WHERE: Veterans Memorial Building, Memorial Park, 1325 Portland Ave., Albany

Come join the community and learn how to green your lifestyle at work, home and play.
Educational workshops, green businesses and environmental organizations will also be on hand to offer assistance and tools to help reduce your carbon footprint.
Special planning workshops will be held to gain public input on the City's Climate Action Plan throughout the day.

Low-cost bike tuneups at Albany Spring Art & Music Festival/Bicycle Valet Parking sponsored by Jelly Belly

For the second consecutive year, the mechanics from Street Level Cycles will team with Albany Strollers & Rollers to offer low cost tune-ups and repairs in our Festival booth so you can ride with the best of them. AS&R is the local advocacy group working to make it safer and more convenient to ride and walk in Albany. Street Level Cycles is a unique bicycle shop in Berkeley that functions as a classroom as well as a full scale used bicycle shop.

Regular meeting of the Albany Strollers and Rollers

A regular meeting of the Albany Strollers and Rollers will be held
this coming Saturday, from 4 to 6PM at 821 Santa Fe Ave.

The usual things will be on the agenda - updates on current projects
and discussion of where we should focus our energy in the future. All
are welcome.

Albany Strollers & Rollers Regular Meeting

Albany Strollers & Rollers will hold our regular meeting in less than two weeks. There's plenty to talk about, so come join us in spirited discussion and planning:

November 9, 7-9 pm

634 San Carlos Ave., Albany, near Memorial Park

Everyone interested in walking and rolling in Albany is invited to attend

Probable Agenda Items:

- Buchanan path; the city is going ahead with evaluation of the Cleveland route. What can we do to follow-through with the process?

Albany Traffic Safety Commission

WHERE: Albany Community Center - Edith Stone Room
1249 Marin Avenue

EBBC and Albany Strollers & Rollers strongly endorse studying the Buchanan Cleveland/Underpass alternative. Existing proposed alternatives have more conflicts with traffic between San Pablo Ave and overcrossing to the Bay Trail. The USDA facility has been a barrier to creating the most appealing path option.

Albany Strollers and Rollers meeting

There will be a regular meeting of the Albany Strollers and Rollers this Monday, July 28. 7:30PM, 634 San Carlos Ave., Albany. As usual, we will be discussing current and future/potential projects including:

-the Buchanan bicycle path project and our efforts to get the USDA to allow study of the preferred alignment of the path.

-the Ohlone Greenway BART column retrofit and the subsequent rebuilding of the the paths.

-the UC Village development project and opportunities and implications for bicycle and pedestrian transit in the area.

High Wheel Race in Albany

highwheelHere’s an opportunity to enjoy some scortching by high-wheel riders and celebrate Albany’s Centennial this Sunday! As part of a full day of criterium racing sponsored by the Berkeley Bicycle Club and East Bay Velo Club, you will have an opportunity to see entertaining noon-time races. Highwheel, or penny farthing, bicycles predate the modern safety bicycle that became prevalent from the late 1880s onward.


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