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Bike Path Tour of New Bay Bridge

September 3, 2013 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm


Join us Tuesday, Sept 3, 6pm at West Oakland BART for a ride out on to the world’s longest bike pier, the new bike path of the East Span-pizza & drinks at Hot Italian afterwards. RSVP on Facebook

The new East Span of the Bay Bridge is getting ready to open over Labor Day Weekend, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission announced Aug 15. And the new bike path will open at the same time. A temporary bike path will provide access thru a construction zone out on to the new bridge. MTC is closing the old bridge starting Aug 28 and expects the new bridge to open to traffic Tuesday morning, Sept 3. Your Bicycle Coalition is ready to check it out-join us for a Day 1 bike tour of the new bridge and its path.

MTC is opening the new bridge sooner because the bridge is plenty safe and much safer than the old bridge, and all retrofit work on the shear bolts can be completed with traffic on the new bridge, as all construction crew access is from the water below. The bike path on the new East Span of the Bay Bridge will stop out on the suspension span, past its tower. The path does not touchdown on the island because the old bridge is in the way, as you may be able to tell from this picture:

MTC expects to complete the pathway touchdown to the island in an additional 2 years-sorry about this delay. We did all we could do to find an alternative and even the best minds of the East Bay Bicycle Coalition were stumped. We will diligently work with MTC and the Bay Area Toll Authority to expedite completion of the touchdown as soon as possible. When this happens in the near future, we will celebrate the completion of the “Alexander Zuckermann Bicycle-Pedestrian Path.”

MTC and Caltrans unveil plans for the West Span Pathway of the Bay Bridge

December 13, 2011 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm

bay bridge pathwayMTC and Caltrans host an open house on design details of the West Span Pathway of the Bay Bridge

Bridge the Bay Fundraiser a huge success

Bridge the Bay Fundraiser a huge success

EBBC Board Member Fast Freddie Rodriguez and
Executive Director Renee Rivera

This past rainy Thursday night the David Brower Center in Berkeley was filled with elected officials, bike racers, everyday cyclists, recreational riders, transportation consultants and people of all ages, mingling, enjoying good food and drink and competing for great deals on bikes, tours and bike art. Everyone had one thing in common and that is the vision of a Bay Bridge with a world-class bikeway the length of the bridge, connecting our East Bay communities with jobs and destinations in San Francisco.

The East Bay Bicycle Coalition would like to send out a great big bike-friendly Thank You to all who came out to our February 24th Bridge the Bay Fundraiser to build support for a continuous path on the Bay Bridge connecting Oakland and San Francisco.

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East Span of the Bay Bridge to open 6 months early, including the bikeway

East Span of the Bay Bridge to open 6 months early, including the bikeway

KTVU exclusive story on the Bay Bridge early opening.
OAKLAND: Caltrans Announces New Span Of Bay Bridge To Open Six Months Early
Caltrans announced plans Wednesday to open the entire new eastern span of the Bay Bridge six months ahead of schedule – Tom Vacar reports

Bicycle Coalition Program Director Dave Campbell is interviewed toward the end of this news video clip.

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Gateway Park Public Workshop

June 2, 2010 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

From the Gateway Park Working Group:

"First Concepts: Design Ideas for Gateway Park
Be a part of the planning process and tell us if park concepts achieve your park goals

6:00 – 6:30 p.m. View display materials, chat with the team

6:30 – 9:00 p.m. Presentations and small group discussions

Caltrans Building, Auditorium (1st Floor)
111 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA
(nearest BART Station --19th Street, Oakland)

Light refreshments will be provided.
RSVPs are appreciated:
Web response form: Click Here
E-mail: Click Here or
Call: 510.817.5988

Bike commuters taking to Bay Area bridges

Bike commuters taking to Bay Area bridges

Terri Saul
EBBC Supporter

Oakland–There’s an unspoken camaraderie among cyclists who cross the San Francisco Bay. Some depend on a combination of public transit and bikeways. Some pedal from shore to shore. Bridge commuting, similar to cyclocross racing, involves hoisting bikes up and down stairs, or on and off buses. Transitioning from trails and bikeways to frontage roads and surface streets, cyclists negotiate swiftly changing terrain, sometimes on foot and sometimes in the saddle. Fresh air fetishists, rule-bending pathfinders, all-terrain trailblazers, explorers, navigators, they are everything that SUVs claim to be, but are not.

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INTRODUCED - SB 1061 (Hancock) Bay Bridge Pathway

Bill Number and Name: SB 1061: San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Author: State Senator Loni Hancock (Berkeley)

Web link to bill language. SB 1061 Fact Sheet in a .pdf format.
CA Legislature’s 1061 Status Page

Summary: SB 1061 amends existing law (Section 30915) and adds Section 30914.2 of the Streets and Highways Code. This bill would include, among the projects that may be funded from state-owned toll bridge revenues, a major project on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge consisting of a
bicycle-pedestrian-maintenance pathway linking the pathway on the replacement eastern span with San Francisco.

Background: You can send a support letter to Senator Hancock that is based on the " target="_blank">EBBC Justifications. If you live outside of Senate District 9, please encourage your legislator to support SB 1061. You can download a Sample Letter. Who’s my representative?

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    A) Bolster your public comment by calling your representatives. You can find their numbers below.


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