Contra Costa Public Workshops on Priority Projects for Regional Transportation Plan: Antioch

April 14, 2011 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Want to see more bike/ped bridges get built over freeways and busy roadways in Contra Costa?

RTP logoNow through April is cyclists’ time to ask the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) for ‘big-ticket’ bike projects in the upcoming Contra Costa Countywide Transportation Plan-a 25-year planning document that is part of the Regional Transportation Plan “Call for Projects.” We are looking for “big ticket” projects of at least $1 million here.

Bicycle Coalition Commuter of the Year Featured in Contra Costa Times

Bicycle Coalition Commuter of the Year Featured in Contra Costa Times
Biking to work a way of life for Antioch resident Tricia Campbell

By Trine Gallegos
For the Contra Costa Times
Posted: 11/11/2010 08:38:02 PM PST

ANTIOCH – Tricia Campbell commutes 10 miles round-trip to work each day. To most drivers – often stuck in gridlock – that’s really not much of a commute. But Campbell’s 10 miles are on a bike. The eighth-grade English teacher has started her fifth year of cycle commuting, which will add about 2,000 miles to her bike. And, lest you think Campbell is just some educator riding around town, she also pedals another 4,000 miles via her road bike.

She brings her bike into her classroom, where her Antioch Middle School students get the opportunity to talk about riding. “It is a great icebreaker at the beginning of the year,” she said. “And, when the kids find out what type of rides I do, I help shatter a few assumptions they may have.”

Last year, the East Bay Bicycle Coalition named Campbell the Contra Costa County Bicycle Commuter of the Year, noting her influence on students: “She’s careful to obey traffic laws and doesn’t get on her bike without her helmet. She uses bicycle safety articles in her informational reading lessons.

eBART Community Meeting (fares & hours)

July 15, 2010 - 6:30pm

Brentwood Senior Center
193 Griffin Lane

BART will hold public meetings this month to ask East Contra Costa County residents what they think about fares and operating hours for the upcoming eBART rail extension. It will run from Hillcreast Ave. in Antioch to the Pittsburg-Bay Point station.





    A) Bolster your public comment by calling your representatives. You can find their numbers below.

The Bike Shop Schwinn City

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The Bike Shop Schwinn City
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Contra Costa Countywide Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan - East County Workshop

WHERE: Tri Delta Transit, 801 Wilbur Ave, Antioch

Public workshop to review the first CBPP update since 2003.

Get involved in local efforts to make it easier and more attracitve to walk or bicycle.

You can review the recently-released Issues and Options report, one of the first steps in this process. It is available from the Contra Costa Transportation Authority. Look under "Bicycle-Pedestrian" links.

Look for EBBC representatives at the meeting to share your comments on the CBPP update.

eBART Partnership Policy Advisory Committee

East Contra Costa BART Extension
WHERE: 801 Wilbur Avenue, Antioch, CA

1. Welcome -Joel Keller, Chair
2. ePPAC August 2007 & January 2008 Meeting Minutes -Approval Action
3. Public Comments on Items not on Agenda -All
4. Monthly Budget Report -Ellen Smith, BART -Information
5. Recent Project Outreach -Ellen Smith, BART -Information
6. Proposed Project and Design Options -Ellen Smith, BART -Information
7. Draft EIR Information -Rod Jeung, PBS&J -Information
8. ePPAC Member Comments -All
9. Next Meeting Date and Close -Joel Keller

2006 Specialized Hardrock Pro


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It is a 2006 Specialized Hardrock Pro Bike. It is the black/gray colored bicycle. Had a small pouch under the seat for storing stuff from Livermore cyclery. Had a water bottle holder, a holder for a small air pump and it had a spedometer on the handle bars. It was very dusty as it had just been ridden up the Plesanton ridge.
First 2 characters of serial number:


Ashley Jones 925-451-5429



Measure AA Open House - Oakley

The White House
204 2nd St.

The East Bay Regional Park District invites you to attend a public meeting to discuss the proposed 2008 Regional Park Bond Extension.

eBART computer simulation

This computer graphics simulation shows how the BART-eBART transfer station would work. eBART uses modern European DMU running at conventional track, providing BART-level performance that is an order of magnitude less expensive.


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