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Comments on Draft Bay Area to Central Valley HST EIR/EIS (Updated)

The Word doc attachment contains updated comments on for the Bay Area to Central Valley High-Speed Train Program EIR/EIS. I have incorporated most of Robert's suggested edits. There is also an additional paragraph regarding Sacramento service. I also attempted to clarify the issues of headways and transfers. The due date for coments is Sept 28.

EBBC Fights to Protect Bicycle Tours from Oppressive New Bicycle Ordinance

EBBC Letter to Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern, sent Aug. 29, 2007:


August 29, 2007

Gregory J. Ahern, Sheriff
Alameda County Sheriff’s Office
Lakeside Plaza
1401 Lakeside Drive, 12th Floor
Oakland CA 94612-4305

Re: Adoption of Bicycle Ordinance

Dear Sheriff Ahern:

Stanley Blvd between Shadow Cliffs park and Isabel

Assigned to:Unassigned
Created:Jvdleftcoaster at August 23, 2007 - 9:22pm
Status:New (Class I (bike/ped path) / Priority major)
Case ID:: -845




pothole or pavement cracks
debris in shoulder


This route, lined on both sides by gravel pits, is loaded with debris. There are actually two separate parallel routes open to cyclists along this route, and each has a significant but different problem. A class I bike lane exists with minor debris, but it suffers from significant deterioration with deep cracks in the asphalt, and also it gets tumbleweeds that turn into thorns in spring and summer. Meanwhile, there is a wide striped bike lane that parallels the bike lane, but it is loaded with debris from the gravel trucks, and in one spot the asphalt has deteriorated entirely forcing the cyclist onto 55 mph traffic. For either route, this is a bad situation that could be remedied with minor effort.


MTC Releases Draft Regional Rail Plan

Will California get a high-speed rail plan based on sound engineering and economics? Or will trains be routed to a dairy farm 7 miles outside Los Banos? That is the question the MTC seeks to answer in its Regional Rail Plan.

EBBC General Membership Meeting

EBBC’s next General Membership Meeting begins at 7:30pm Tuesday, August 21 at Oakland’s Rockridge Branch Library, 5366 College Ave at Manila. On the agenda will be reports on legislative bills we support--including our corner piece, AB 1358, the Complete Streets Act--Concord and Alameda base reuse plan updates, stolen bike prevention and recovery, BART car retrofit and access, and plans for upcoming Valet Bike Parking events (Oakland Art & Soul, Solano Ave Stroll, Out & About Rockridge). Bicycles are welcome inside.

Bicycle Ride in Memory of Ed Weiss - No Impunity for Reckless Driving!

[G2:726 class=left]NOTE: The Montclarion and The Piedmonter newspaper editions on Friday July 27, 2007 contain a substantial investigative report, "One Year Later" with many new details made public. The July 28, 2007 Oakland Tribune reports a denial from an Alameda County District Attorney prosecutor that the motorcyclist received special treatment because of family ties to law enforcement.

Fremont Freewheelers Bicycle Club
A 2007 promotional video that's about 10 minutes in length. The Fremont Freewheelers offer rides that appeal to every level-from novice and families to amateur racer. Anything you want! As shown by the video, there is time to appreciate the scenery and make friends.

Peaceful Co-existence During Bicycle Rides on Mines Road

[G2:395 size=200 class=left] One of four Alameda County Sheriff motorcycle officers enjoys lemonade during the hot day and a friendly chat with a Pedalera volunteer at the Mines Road Rest stop for the April 28 Mt Hamilton Challenge ride. Although four officers were perhaps over-the-top, they effectively kept groups of Ninja motorcyclists and a sports car club from threatening other innocent road users (residents, bicyclists, Audubon bird watchers, and weekend tourists enjoying the countryside).

Ed Weiss RIP - Impunity for reckless drivers in Alameda County?

On Saturday July 29th 2006, approximately 250 feet south of the Shepherd Canyon Rd./Skyline Blvd./Pinehurst Rd. intersection in the Oakland Hills around 3:30pm bicyclist Ed Weiss was stuck and killed by a motorcycle that crossed the yellow line.

Global Warming Town Hall with Assemblywoman Loni Hancock

Town Hall Meeting on Global Warming

Berkeley City College Auditorium, Basement, Room 021
2050 Center Street, Berkeley (between Shattuck & Milvia)

What can you do to be a part of the solution? Come learn about state and local efforts to improve the health of the planet.

Bruce Hamilton, Sierra Club, State of Our Planet: Climate in Crisis and the Consequences of Inaction Michel Gelobter: President, Redefining Progress (setting the stage for the state, regional, city and individual climate change perspectives)


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