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MTC Regional Pedestrian & Bicycle Training Workshop

[G2:952 size=50 class=left]Encourage your local transportation planners and engineers to register now! Three earlier workshops received tremendous acclaim, but many cities and agencies were absent. [G2:965 size=50 class=left]The interactive workshop, conducted by Fehr & Peers and Eisen | Letunic, is aimed at providing the latest bicycle & pedestrian design tools to practicing transportation and urban planning & design professionals.

Letter to Supervisor Nate Miley on the proposed Alameda County Bicycle Ordinance

I sent this Oct. 8th before I learned that the proposed ordinance had been withdrawn for further study. I don't know how the Supervisors react to such (uninformed) opinion, but I felt I should express my concerns.

Dear Supervisor Miley,

Lake Chabot Road Closed Nov 5-Dec 19

In the past week, signs have gone up indicating that Lake Chabot Road will be closed for tree removal from Nov 5 until Dec 19. The road will be closed between Astor Drive and Fairmont Drive (for those, like me, who don't know where Astor Drive is, it's the upper entrance to Bay-O-Vista where the clubhouse is located, just below the old quarry at the top of the hill).

Stanley Blvd between Pleasanton and Livermore

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debris in shoulder


The gravel trucks are now using Stanley to Isabel to get to 580. This is a recent change in route and direction. Due to this change there is now an excessive amount of rocks and gravel on Stanley on the shoulder and in the bike path. The gravel is falling from the trucks after they leave the quarry. They need to do something about clean up. It needs to be done on a daily basis. The shoulder is now unusable. Ron


Bike Drive for Youth Programs

[G2:909 class=right]Cycles of Change & the Alameda County Safe Routes to School Partnership need bikes for our free youth bike safety programs in the schools--starting now! Can you help?

We are throwing a: ‘BIKE DRIVE’
Saturday September 29, 12pm – 5:30pm @ The BENT SPOKE, 6124 Telegraph, Oakland & TIP TOP BIKE SHOP, 4800a Telegraph, in Oakland.

Free Family Cycling Clinic

[G2:956 class=right]Dimond Park, 3860 Hanly Rd., Oakland
Join Safe Routes to Schools for a day of instruction and on-the-bike practice. Designed to teach adults, parents and youth how to ride on the streets. Adults, parents and/or kids are invited to attend on-their-own. Bikes and helmets available.

to sign up, email Dave Campbell at

For more info: Free Bicycle Safety Classes

Stanley Boulevard between Pleasanton and Livermore

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pothole or pavement cracks
debris in shoulder


The Eastboung direction of Stanley boulevard has a large amount of debris to the right of the solid white line. Much of this could be from the gravel trucks on that road. The R/R crossing also have potholes and completely missing pavement to the right of the white line. These matters are severe enough to force a cyclist to the left of the white line and into vehicular traffic.


EBBC Board of Directors

Location: Oakland's Rockridge Branch Library, 5366 College Ave
Create a 2008 Board nominating committee to prepare nominations for the November Annual Meeting.


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