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Primavera Century Ride by Fremont Freewheelers Bicycle Club

Come join us on the Primavera Century. It will be the last century ride for a few years as next year Calaveras Road will be closed. And if Alameda County supervisors pass the sheriff department tax on Bicycle Event Ordinance, the Primavera Century by all accounts will be gone. So this is the year to do the Primavera Century. It's now or never.

Also we have a nice custom jersey available for sale made by Suarez. Place your order now.

You can register on our
website and follow the Primavera links,

Norbridge Avenue at Redwood Road, Castro Valley

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Created:Rick Rickard at February 8, 2008 - 8:36am
Status:New (Class II (bike lane) / Priority minor)
Case ID:: -1463






Bicycles leaving Castro Valley BART eastbound on Norbridge Avenue have a marked bicycle lane with a signal detection loop for crossing Redwood Road. But, the timing on the light is so short that a bicycle cannot safely cross Redwood Road. The green light for Eastbound Norbridge needs to be lengthened by 2-3 seconds to allow a bicycle to clear the intersection safely.



Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority (ACTIA)
AKA Measure B: 1/2-cent transportation sales tax that includes 5% for bike and pedestrian access and safety

1333 Broadway, Suite 300, Oakland
(at 12th St BART, BikeLink e-Lockers available at 14th and Broadway)

Bike to Work Day Alameda County Advisory Committee Mtg

Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority
1333 Broadway, Suite 300 (14th & Broadway, downtown Oakland)

Our 2nd planning meeting to get ready for Bike to Work Day, but also to expand the reach of the event to motorists, transit riders, casual cyclists and in fact everyone. Open to the public and anyone interested in participation and help plan the event is welcome to attend.

For more information contact Dave Campbell

What's New in 2008 for Bike to Work Day?

Final(?) CA HSR Authority Board Meeting

State Capitol
Room 112
Sacramento, CA

California's dream of a bullet train network is basically dead. The HSR Board will "snuff it out" at its Dec. 19th meeting.

Harbor Bay Parkway

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Created:Visitor (not verified) at October 25, 2007 - 12:54pm
Status:New (Class I (bike/ped path) / Priority major)
Case ID:: -1071




pothole or pavement cracks


Harbor Bay Parkway (HBP) has a bike/ped path adjacent to the Golf course. It is the best way for bicycles to travel along this speedy street (40mph). In the a.m., I take HBP southbound, in the street, which is fine. In the p.m., I cannot take HBP northbound, or the bike lane, which have been damaged by encroaching roots. Instead, I take Maitland, which has no bike lane, from the business park, where I work. It is not the most desirable street for bikes. Please fix the bike path and remove the root hazards from it, as well as from HBP on the northbound side of the street. Thank you, Kevin


Days of the Dead - Ghost Bike ofrenda for Elena Castaneda

Elena Castaneda (55) was needlessly killed by a truck while riding through the dangerous intersection of San Pablo Ave at West and Isabella Streets. Elena fue matado por camion, sin razón, anduvo en bici en la peligrosa esquina de San Pablo Avenida con los calles de West y Isabella.

Since the tragic morning of August 9, 2007, EBBC's Ghost Bike has called attention to the communal loss of beautiful Elena and San Pablo Avenue's need for bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements.

East-West Connector - Fremont Open House

What was formerly regarded as Route 84/option 2 between Fremont and Union City will be reviewed during open house meetings in each city as part of the Environmental Review Process. Bikeways are included, but we have a few concerns. For example, unless modified, the left turn from Fremont Pkwy onto Decoto Rd is certain to be a special topic at our future Street Skills classes.

Ardenwood Elementary School
33955 Emilia Lane (off Deep Creek Rd)


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