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Caldecott Fourth Bore Coalition Court Hearing

The 6 plaintiffs, including EBBC, go to Alameda County Superior Court, in the US Post Office, 201 13th St, Oakland, to appear before Judge Frank Roesch in Department 31 (2nd Floor).

Case Number: RG07355832
Case Title: Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore Coalition VS California Department of Transportation

You can read the background materials and follow all the decisions by visiting Alameda Courts DomainWeb and entering the Case Number.

Lawsuit filed against High-Speed Rail Authority over Pachecho alignment

[g2:1778 class=nowrap size=369]A lawsuit has been filed against the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) over its selection of the Pachecho alignment. Plaintiffs include: Planning & Conservation League, Transdef, Bay Rail Alliance, and the cities of Menlo Park and Atherton.

Schwinn Pathway, thin but not racing tires.


kincaid's restaurant, jack london square; believed to have been confiscated by security for "illegal parking" having been chained to a lamppost just outside in front, removing the lock and chain.


schwinn pathway, silver, with backpack, mismatched pedals, front and rear lights, purchased from Walmart, thin but not racing tires
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Proctor Rd between Walnut and Redwood Rd, Castro Valley

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There are 3 speed bumps on Proctor. The speed bumps are signed, but only have a narrow strip of paint warning in the middle of the road. Looks like the street was recently repaved. I knew there were street bumps, but missed (or hit) the middle one because the warning (striping) does not go across the street, just in one small section. Took a major fall. Street bumps should have warning "paint" across the entire street.


2006 Specialized Hardrock Pro


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It is a 2006 Specialized Hardrock Pro Bike. It is the black/gray colored bicycle. Had a small pouch under the seat for storing stuff from Livermore cyclery. Had a water bottle holder, a holder for a small air pump and it had a spedometer on the handle bars. It was very dusty as it had just been ridden up the Plesanton ridge.
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Ashley Jones 925-451-5429



Alameda Co Bicycle Event Ordinance

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors Transportation & Planning Committee (Haggerty & Miley) will hear the proposed ordinance at a hearing scheduled for 1:30pm on Thursday, July 24 (note the agenda is not yet available--EBBC was notified on July 10 by Supervisor Haggerty's office).

WHERE: 1221 Oak St, Supervisors Chamber


  • News article in East Bay papers on June 23, see: EBBC-talk discussion
  • Is EBBC Anti-Bike?

    I have lived in Emeryville for 28 years and have been a bike activist for almost as many years. I helped write our Bike/Ped Plan in the 1990's. I was a member of EBBC for many of those years but recently I felt I could no longer be a member of an organization that has worked to harm the cause of biking in my town and so I have quit this club. The problem began when the EBBC recently supported the political campaign of Ken Bukowski for Emeryville City Council. This Council member is the most anti-bike on the whole city council at least as it pertains to Emeryville.

    Get ROLLING Promotion

    TriVision billboardWe’ve seen lots of bicyclists lately. However, many of you have probably not seen EBBC’s campaign promoting bicycling. Rather than preaching to the converted, we intentionally targeted motorists with ads like the huge TriVision billboard next to I-880 near the Coliseum. A total of six images depict bicyclists in “suggestive poses” with one of the following headlines: Commuting today, Working today, Fitness today, Shopping today, and Family today.

    Capitol Corridor Track Work

    The Capitol Corridor is usually very bike friendly. The restrictions on bikes for track work this month will be a challenge to rail-riding cyclists...

    "Service Advisory Overview

    California High-Speed Rail Final Program EIR/EIS

    Final Bay Area to Central Valley HST Program EIR/EIS.

    Location: Judicial Council Conference Center Auditorium
    455 Golden Gate Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94102

    Authority Board will receive comment on the Final Program EIR/EIS.

    Some background material:


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