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Benicia-Martinez Bridge Path Dedication

August 29, 2009 - 8:30am

Bike/Ped Path located on west side of older (1962) bridge

Be one of the first to walk or bike across the Benicia-Martinez Bridge.

On Saturday, August 29, the new pedestrian/bicycle path on the Benicia-Martinez Bridge will officially open, and the public is invited to join the celebration. The event will begin at 8:30am with a ribbon-cutting in Martinez, followed by the main opening ceremony and a bicycle rodeo in Benicia. Coffee, pastries and possibly even a momento will be provided. Please download the invitation and detailed approach maps from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Note that return trips from Benicia may have to await the main ceremony.

DIRECTIONS - Join the ride!

TO THE BRIDGE - Join the Grizzly Peak Cyclists (GPC) for a short ride from North Concord BART to Martinez. Meet at the BART station at 9:00 and roll out at 9:15. Although we will miss the opening ceremony, we will still be among the first to ride over the bridge to Benicia. The route continues to Benicia and Vallejo, and returns to the East Bay via the Zampa Bridge path (Details: GPC Rides). In case you miss the group, you can also consult EBBC’s Map 2: East of the Hills for route options between N Concord BART and Martinez. There will be a picnic at Benicia State Recreation Area, located between Benicia and Vallejo. Bring your food with you or buy some along the way. For more info contact Phil Morton (pmorton AT lmi DOT net).

Another option is to take your bicycle on-board the Amtrak Capitol #720 arriving at 8:09am in Martinez (MTZ) and then pedal 1-mile east on Marina Vista to the signed bridge path to Benicia.

Transbay Bicycle Options During a BART Strike

Transbay Bicycle Options During a BART Strike

Information current as of 7:10pm on 8/16/09
According to BART The strike has been called off. There will be normal service on 8/17.

Information current as of 7:30pm on 8/13/09
In the event of a BART strike, what are the transbay travel options for bicyclists?

Benecia Bridge Bike Path

Benecia Bridge Bike Path

On Saturday, July 25, I took some photos while crossing the Benecia Bridge on the new bike/ped path.

EBBC Pushes to Reform CEQA Transportation Guidelines - UPDATES

EBBC Pushes to Reform CEQA Transportation Guidelines - UPDATES

February 16, 2010 Update:
The Office of Administrative Law filed the Guideline Amendments with the Secretary of State. The Amendments become effective on March 18, 2010. The text of the adopted Amendments and other rulemaking documents are available on the web at Natural Resources Agency

It’s official, the CEQA Transportation Guideline amendments we fought for over the past two years have been adopted by the State of California. In order to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, existing bicycle plans and access must be considered in any development proposal that goes through an Environmental Impact Review in California. An excerpt of changes to section XVI. Transportation/Traffic was published in rideOn, January 2010 on page 4.

Among the EBBC members I wish to thank are thank are Jason Patton, Michelle DeRobertis, and Dave Campbell who participated in a panel discussion on CEQA during the 2008 TransForm summit. Thanks to TransForm for responding to our appeal to publically expose the inadequacies of CEQA. And finally, Dave was at his legal best when we testified before the CEQA rulemaking committee in Sacramento last August 18. He noted that addressing “roadway capacity in EIRs is a stumbling block, we need to focus on access and safety.”

-Robert Raburn, Executive Director

December 30, 2009 Update:
The Secretary for Natural Resources adopted Amendments to the CEQA Guidelines addressing greenhouse gas emissions.

October 23, 2009 Update:
Good news! The CA Resources Agency released the draft amendments to CEQA reflecting the input of EBBC and others. Read Matthew Roth’s report on Streetsblog and additional reaction from EBBC leaders in the November issue of rideOn.

August 27, 2009 Update:
EBBC attended an August 18 public hearing at the Natural Resources Agency in Sacramento and requested the Agency to include safe bicycle and pedestrian access into CEQA law. EBBC was joined by Andy Thornley of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and the Matt Vander Sluis of the Planning and Conservation League, asking that roadway capacity be removed from CEQA law and replaced with vehicle miles traveled (or auto trips generated). Following the meeting, EBBC submitted formal written comments, and worked with the City of Oakland and the Alameda County Congestion Management Agency to see that these local agencies submitted constructive comments as well. These comments are under consideration by the Natural Resources Agency. We will provide additional details once the Agency responds.

Read our July 23 Letter to the CMA Board. At the July 23 CMA Board Meeting, the Board gave staff direction to work with EBBC to revise the language of the guidelines, and to take a look at the County’s Congestion Management Program and make it consistent with the Alameda Couuntywide Bicycle Plan and the goal of prioritizing safe bike access to transit.

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Comment Now! DRAFT CoCo Countywide Bicycle Pedestrian Plan

Comment Now! DRAFT CoCo Countywide Bicycle Pedestrian Plan

“Underwhelming” is how EBBC Board member Bruce “Ole” Ohlson describes the DRAFT bikeway plan.

Indeed, there are not many accomplishments to point to from the previous 2004 plan.

North-bound Bay bike trail in Contra Costa between Golden Gate Fields and Central Ave

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Created:Hazard at July 2, 2009 - 3:33pm
Status: (Class II (bike lane) / Priority major)
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Nighttime commute is very dangerous because headlights of Southbound 580 trucks and cars blind Northbound bike riders on the adjacent Contra Costa County portion of the Bay Trail immediately south of Central Ave (i.e. between Golden Gate Fields Race Track and Central Ave overpass). I have been injured when I ran over a branch on the trail that I did not see because I was blinded on car headlights at night. I wear a strong headlight, but that is not sufficient to overcome headlight-induced blinding. I wrote CalTrans about this in Dec 2007, and about 6 months later they installed light-barrier material into the fence between the Bay Trail and 580, but ONLY in the Alameda County portion of that fence! I recently wrote again, asking for installation of similar or better light-barrier to the fence in Contra Costa, but was told that there was no need and that I was the only person so adversely affected. Please ask anyone and everyone who would like to see this problem corrected to go online to the CalTrans website, to the HAZARD or urgent reporting site, and request installation of light barrier. BTW, happily, the light barrier ALSO cuts down on the noise from 580 traffic.


Best of the East Bay 2009

Vote for your favorite shop in the East Bay Express "best of" edition. Also mark your calendars for the celebration at the Museum of CA. In my extremely biased opinion, bike/ped planner is way more important than mayor.

Goods & Services
Best bike shop:
  • Mike's Bikes
  • Missing Link Co-op
  • Wheels of Justice
  • People & Places

    Federal Transportation Bill

    Mar 3, 2010 - California Senator Barbara Boxer kicks off work on new Transportation Bill that will rely on the House version, introduced in 2009, as a framework. Please view the full DC Streetsblog report.

    Public comments on CoCo Countywide Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan update


    Central/Southwest County Monday, June 29, 2009 Contra Costa Transportation Authority Offices Hookston Square 3478 Buskirk Avenue, Suite #100, Pleasant Hill

    Glenlock & El Portal Drive, San Pablo, Ca 94806

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    traffic signal not triggered by bicycle


    you can't get from the Rollingwood bike route to El Portal Drive heading east in any reliable, convenient, and safe manner. The light at Glenlock & El Portal will only turn green for a car. The intersection at the end of a shortcut from Rollingwood to El Portal doesn't have any signal to cross the street for a left turn. I run the light at Glenlock when I have to, and otherwise generally avoid going this direction (I live within 4 blocks of the intersection. I come home from Oakland via SP Dam & El Portal, but generally find an alternate route to go south or east from my house.) See a map I've created:,-122.328773&spn=0.013534,0.027251&z=16

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